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May 15th Trial
Mise à jour publié par Amber Gotlib Le May 20

Hello Friends ~

Last week was quite draining, so I apologize for not updating sooner. On Wednesday I went to my first court hearing. As my lawyer had suspected, this would not be my last. My next and, as I'm told, last trial will be on June 14th. The big hope here is that the police did not, in fact, have a legal medical warrant to obtain my samples. It is the prosecutions responsibility to prove that they did. However, in the 300 page report (that's right - 300 pages!) that they submitted, there is no medical warrant. They are just lumping it under the one search warrant they had to come raid my place. So, this does make me hopeful. Though, I have to be very honest when I say that the idea of another 3.5 weeks waiting for this to conclude has made me even more depressed.

I am going to extend this campaign in the unfortunate event that I may need additional support. Though, I'm really hopeful that will not be the case.

Thank you all so much for your support and love.



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