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You made a difference- we built the toilets and fixed the roofs
Mise à jour publié par Sneh Bagaria Le Sep 28

Dear Friends of Mainpuri,

I hope you are all well!

It is time to give you an update about the work that has been done in the Nagla Rate School in Mainpuri.

Work begins on the toilets with the help of horses. (more photos)

Phase I. - What has been done so far

The aim of this first phase was to significantly improve the physical infrastructure of the school. Specifically, we set forward the goals to build toilets (there were none before) and repair the leaking roof.

There has been great progress made on both fronts. The roof is now all fixed, and so our little students no longer need to deal with dripping water from the ceiling during rains. The toilets are 80% there too, the work left is to put in a wash basin, urinals and flush in the toilets. This work should all conclude in the coming 5-6 weeks. Please take a look at the financials below. All this progress was only possible because of your generosity!

The new toilet building snuggling up to the side of the school. (more photos)

We raised a total fund of SGD3324 via GoGetFunding website. After deducting a platform, payment processing and handling fee of (8.42%) we were ready to send the Nagla Rate school SGD3044 which is equivalent to Rs.152,200 in Indian currency.

(Currency Conversion rate: 1SGD= Rs.50)

You can find a breakdown of the costs below.

Mainpuri Phase I - Balance Sheet

It has been a rewarding experience to work with the school and our local partners on implementing phase I. We have already started seeing a higher enrolment in the school because of the construction work as it shows that the school is functional. Everyone in Mainpuri is excited to see all the developments, and dedicated to making the most of the support they receive.

The roof needed fixing to prevent leaking during rains. (more photos)

Phase 2 - What we are planning

Based on the success of Phase I, we - and surely our students - are eagerly looking forward to making further progress in Mainpuri. There is a lot to do :)

Development plans for Phase II.:

  • Raise the ground level outside the building by 3 feet → so our students no longer need to enter a flooded school during the rainy season.
  • Provide basic furniture → so our students can comfortably sit and study.
  • Get new black boards → the old ones are long overdue for replacement.
  • Paint the classrooms, plant trees and buy swings → to brighten the school for all our students.
  • Buy basic stationery for kids → to allow kids to express themselves
  • Hire teaching volunteers → to help with the shortage of teachers and engage in community work with parents
  • Host small events in school → to facilitate overall child development
  • Install CCTV Cameras → to foster accountability of the teaching volunteers

To carry out the much needed works in Phase II, we are again asking for your generous help. We are looking to raise an additional funding of SGD14000 which will allow us to complete most of phase II work by the end of 2020 and pay for the salary of two teaching volunteers for 2 years. Please help spread the call among your friends and family who are also looking for a way to make a big difference in the lives of the little ones.

Thank you,


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