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This borders on being a case of life and death
Mise à jour publié par Hyla Weimann Le Apr 01

When my husband retired we decided to relocate to Welkom to live with one of my daughters. Unfortunately, since we moved here, my health has deteriorated to such an extent that I am oxygen dependent 24/7. My oxygen machine works of electricity and because of all the power cuts in South Africa - up to 7 1/2 hours per day - I need to purchase a portable machine. These portable machines cost $4500 USD.

My problems started with asthma that was caused by an allergy to the mine dust from the gold mines surrounding our area, In a gold mine they use cyanide to extract gold from the rocks resulting in this dust containing small amounts of cyanide?. Some people are very sensitive to this substance, and I am one of those people.

The asthma got so bad that it affected my heart causing arrythmia and I had heart failure several times. I have been put on anticoagulants to prevent blood clots from forming. At times my heart does not pump at all - it vibrates - resulting in the blood not flowing through the heart as it should. I also suffer from hypertension and osteoartheritus which in turn makes it difficult for me to walk at all. Because of the anticoagulants I have to take I cannot take any kind of anti-inflamitory medication. Whenever I have to go to a doctor's apoinrment I have to be taken in a wheelchair = firstly to preserve my oxygen without a machine, and secondly because I am in too much pain to walk any distance..

I have been advised by my doctor that I have to remove myself from the cause of my asthma or it could be fatal. Unfortunately being retired with only a small pension from my husbands company we cannot afford to relocate, We can move back to where we were living before moving here, but we need funds for that.

This is why I decided to try crowdfunding begging people to please help me.

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