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Posterior Cervical Laminectomy & Fusion surgery - POST-OP Update 2
Mise à jour publié par Patrick Franc Le Apr 14

Here's a quick Sunday morning update. This past Friday marked two weeks to the day post-op. The CLSC nurse came by to remove my staples, and it went smoothly with minimal discomfort. The incision has healed beautifully, and I think that it will hardly show once it has completely mended. Kudos to my surgeon for closing me up so nicely.

I was also given the green light by my doctor to use my therapeutic hot tub. I've been in twice now, and it has helped relieve the tension that had accumulated in my upper back, i.e., neck, shoulder blades, and trapezoids. I still have "burning" pain that comes and goes depending on the position of my neck while wearing the collar. I use Xylocaine, a topical medication used to numb tissue, which helps reduce the burning sensation considerably.

In addition to managing and coping with the recovery of my neck surgery, I've had several challenging days this past week as I struggle to deal with other compounding health issues like severe IBS, Sjögren's Syndrome, Eosinophilic bronchitis, and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.

Yesterday was dreadful. I was unwell all day. But today is a good day, which is why I'm at my desk this morning working on an update. I'm also going to be graced by a visit this afternoon from two band members, Bryn and Pat, that I used to perform with and whom I've not seen in a few years. The past five years have beaten me up. I'm not the same guy they once knew; I've been changed physically and mentally by chronic debilitating diseases that have wholly robbed me of the life I once had. I'm in the process of reinventing myself and working at accepting what has happened to me. So they are going to see Patrick 2.0 for the first time today!

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