Mises à jour activées Help Refugees in Greece get Bicycles and Be Active

Lagkadikia Refugee Camp
Mise à jour publié par Georgios Farfaras Le Jul 18

Greece has been the main entry point for the more than one million mixed migrants arriving to Europe in 2015. The large majority of those arriving are from refugee producing countries, such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 800,000 persons have arrived to the shores of Greek islands, overwhelming the response capacity of international humanitarian actors as well as European and Greek authorities. Lagkadikia camp was opened in Northern Greece in the end of April 2016, making it one of the most recent ad hoc refugee camps installed in Greece. The camp is run jointly by the Greek Ministry of Migration and UNHCR with over 700 people already staying within the enfenced area. The first meeting to discuss the idea about a bicycle project was held in Lagkadikia camp last Friday, 14 October 2016 with refugees and People in Need NGO , Greenways Social Cooperative Enterprise and Volunteers of Thessaloniki - Love without Borders.

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