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Thank you all!!!
Mise à jour publié par Kristal Irish Viesca Le Jul 12

Hello to all who have sent their concerns to us during this difficult times. We would like to thank all those who have given their share of support, whether it's prayer or donation, which is key for us to overcome this incident. It's been a while since I've had the time to update this campaign, but I would like to update all of you on my grand mother's current situation. She is now out of the ICU, and is now able to talk. She's still unable to eat and is getting nutrients from the oxidezer. Medication is still ongoing but we're told that she can now move out of the hospital. Unfortunately, the bill has reached to 120k, and add to that the cost of her stay day by day. At this point, it's too expensive for us, and we can't move her out since we're still troubled where to get that huge amount. So once again, we're asking for help from good-hearted people out there who are willing to help us overcome this dilemma. Your donations will be a big help no matter how small the amount is, and we'll let god return the favor. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have sent their sincerest concerns. God bless.

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