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Need help with car rental excess
Mise à jour publié par Derrick Yeo Le Nov 16

We were on a holiday in Switzerland for our honeymoon and unfortunately we met an accident that was not entirely our fault. (A young boy riding a bicycle knock into our side door, causing a small dent and scratches). As a result, we were made to pay the car rental excess of CHF 2000. Switzerland for all its beauty, sadly comes with a solemn bureaucracy that will not hesitate to penalize you as long as it falls into their boundaries of framework.

We hope there will be kind souls out there who can help us out with your donation as we have exhausted our savings for our wedding and honeymoon. We are not asking for much but to cover the rental excess penalty of CHF 2000 (Singapore dollars $2850) and some administrative fees from paypal and gogetfunding.

Attached is the initial car rental payment receipt and the final bill charge to me which includes the car rental excess of CHF 2000. I have not lose faith in humanity and I know you will be the one that showed me that there is still love out there in the capitalist society that we live in. Have a great day ahead. Thank you.

Link to money password: Hougang##1108

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