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Extension of this campaign
Mise à jour publié par Christiaan Meinen Le Apr 03

Dear people, both donors and potential donors,

Extension of the campaign

As you may have seen, I extended the period of this campaign for a couple of months. As you may be aware a lot has happened. Both the invasion of Afrin, part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) and hard work by our team and likeminded organisations has been done. For example, we as Sallux have been working on a high-level conference in the European Parliament in Brussels. (for which you are warmly invited) A future for Democracy in Syria

The DFNS government will send a delegation headed by the Co-President Sanharib Barsom and several other representatives of the high council of the Federation. The delegation will consist of delegates from different ethnical and religious backgrounds, all working for the good of their people.

What about the movie project?

This movie project is still an important part of our future work for the People of North Syria. We see and recognise that most of the European media doesn't show the facts on the ground. The reports are keeping a lot of information out of the picture. For example the fact that there is a de facto self-ruling government, the DFNS, which is more than only "Kurds". The constant framing of YPG/YPJ as being the Syrian PKK, and thus acknowledging the right of Turkey to intervene - without looking into the facts - are the people of Afrin and the rest of the Federation really "governed" by terrorists? So the need for a documentary movie to show the real face of the people is there. But we do at the same time need extra funds to realize this project. We are investing a lot of money and energy in this case, because we believe it can be the turning point for peace and stability in the Middle-East and wider Mediterranean region. Thus, creating a situation that many refugees can return safely to their homelands and rebuild their societies according to the lines shown by the People of DFNS themselves. Multi-ethnical, multi religious political stability, freedom of conscious and religion, women’s rights and so on form the basis of the DFNS.

How will we approach this?

A lot of the materials have been filmed in Syria last September. Visiting Kobane, Raqqa, the government representatives and NGO’s on the ground. But we acknowledged that we missed a storyline – real people, normal people who took responsibility for their own future and their peoples. The coming days we will work on this storyline and on preparing interviews with the delegation of DFNS. Together with the materials directly filmed in Syria will give us enough high quality materials to create this movie.

What we need besides money?

Besides the requested amount we also need entrance to locations and opportunities to display and distribute the documentary. If you have ideas or can put us in contact with others, please feel free to contact us.

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