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July - August 2017 Updates
Mise à jour publié par Justine Anne Marie Virina Le Aug 30

After the successful operation, a month later, my dad has been doing well and was able to do things on his own with the help of his nursing staff. We had to hire a stay -out nursing staff because our mom advised by her employer to go back to work since she has consumed all her leave(almost 3/4 of the year) and won't be able to grant extended indefinite leave already. However, towards end of July - last week, he has some eye irritation and had it checked by his doctor. As per the results, the doctor ruled out to be shingles. After a few days from healing his shingles, he was rushed to the hospital(Medical Center of Manila) for an emergency because he was experiencing seizures, decreasing heart rate and pulse rate due to severe headache. The seizures occurred few times in the following days. During his hospital stay, the doctor ruled out there was an infection occurred in his right part(jawline) of his head which caused him pain and stress. Last August 10, when his lab results are normalized and no signs of seizures are seen. Additional medicines and antibiotics are prescribed to help him heal the infections. On that day, he was also discharged from the hospital.

Again on August 23, he was again rushed in the hospital because he was experiencing vomiting and uncontrollable actions (poop and pee), more restless and severe headache which are also signs of radiation effects. Also, he is also experiencing chest pains in his heart is pumping rapidly. He is also experiencing internal bleeding in his G-Tube. Additional laboratory exams are made such as Cardiac Enzyme Test, Abdominal Ultrasound, Gastro Endoscopy. The result of the Cardiac Enzyme Test was not so good because it is thrice as normal which might be a sign that there was a mild heart attack that has occurred. Also, as mentioned by his doctor, his hemoglobin was low as per normal which requires him to do blood transfer to make it normalize. His creatinine result was higher than normal which was under monitoring. Last August 29, he went for Abdominal Ultrasound. Also, the creatinine is getting lower and the hemoglobin became normal. The Abdominal Ultrasound Results are normal and fine for the pancreas, kidney, gall bladder, prostate glands. On August 30,he will undergo Gastro Endoscopy. We thank you for including our family in your prayers, for your outmost generosity and kindness. We are looking forward for a brighter day in this journey. May God bless us all with hundred folds.

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