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Concert for a cause
Mise à jour publié par Jessie James Gamis Le Aug 17

Sessions for the heart - concert for a cause

Jessie and his sister are volunteers at Redemptorist Church or commonly known as Baclaran church and their volunteer-mates organized a benifit concert for Jessie's challenges at the Sinirangan Cafe inside the Church compound in September 2, 2017.

All proceeds will be given to Jessie's family for thier medical and financial support of their family members.

They are so grateful for the continued support of thier friends, acquaintances, classmates and all the people who donated and supported their cause.

Facebook link for the said event:


Note: Sinirangan Cafe is a livelyhood program of the Redemptorists congregation that used local products from local coffee famers and have scholarship program for youths of Yolanda striken areas.

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