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Hope springs early in the new year....
Mise à jour publié par Evie Soldatos Le Feb 10

After years of not having success homing needy cats and accumulating them instead I'm so excited that the first completed adoption of 2019 has happened. The little one whose rescuer called him Michael Jackson (because it doesn't matter if you're black or white and he was a bit of both!) has arrived safely in England and is settling into his new home. Whilst it was hard to let this dear little fella go it was wonderful at the same time that he has a forever home and will be the centre of a human's universe. This being said I am oh so glad the long trip by road and ferries is over and he's there!

I have two kittens that potentially have a home to go to in France but my big problem is getting them there.... Announcements have gone out over our local grapevine both electronically and by word of mouth so that people who are making the road trip across from Greece through Europe and to the UK might consider couriering an adopted pet. My fingers are crossed that this materialises and that the prospective family can be patient.

Spyridoula, initially called Odette continues to do super well in her new English home and her Mum recently reported that further to a vet visit, it was confirmed she has been blind from birth so did not go through any traumatic event or disease process that caused the blindness. This was good to hear and explains why her other senses are so sharp and she functions so very well. Her family love her, she now has a lovely relationship with the other cat as well (also a Greek rescue) and life is idyllic for her :-)

In the meantime life has continued in this little cat sanctuary through a cold and rainy winter with the usual challenges. This year courtesy of donated blankets, cages and animal shelters of all sorts the kitties that are living outside have had a good level of comfort and protection from the elements. It has been quite sweet to see they way they have snuggled up together in the cosy spaces provided. Of course there has been extra washing and cleaning as I have this little community outside my kitchen door under the verandah for the winter and inside and they do mess up! Inside the house I have accommodated quite a few kittens that have been more vulnerable because of their tender age or due to illness or injury.

Blossom who had her infected eye removed before Christmas is doing really well and Ashleigh and Dingle are both currently on antibiotics and eye drops. It's looking like Dingle will keep his eye although it's still not known whether the sight has been damaged. Another kitten on antibiotics as well as cortisone is poor little Viktor who contracted cat flu and became really ill with it. He was a kitten that hid in my home determinedly for a whole month when I first got him several months ago. Eventually he moved out into the garden with the outdoor cats (his own choice) and still wouldn't let me handle him. However once his sickness worsened and he developed a nasty infection of his sinuses and chest his intuition led him to move himself back into the house.

He still wouldn't let me handle him so I couldn't treat him sadly until he got so bad he was near death and couldn't resist me at all. The other cats were trying to take care of him, Titch was grooming him and between him and Linus they tried to snuggle with him and keep him warm. It's amazing how much the cat tribe cares for its members and touching to see. Once I was able to get antibiotics and cortisone into him as well as some wonderful stuff called Recuperation Fluid he starting picking up slowly. He's now improved to the point that he came outside for some sunshine today and when I pick him up which he now lets me do, he doesn't smell strongly of the infection. He is a lot more alert and energetic and looks so much better. Viktor has come a long way, from a cat who ran away from me to a cat that comes to me, tolerates me syringing medicine down his throat (although I'm now crushing the tablets into extra yummy food for him) and has put up with me cleaning his snotty nose and dirty little front legs from wiping said snotty nose.

In the midst of all this I have started some cat sitting as there are not a lot of good options on the island for people who have time away for holidays or business. My first guest Skunk stayed a couple of weeks, did well for a shy cat amongst the hoard and he's now back in the bosom of his family again. Lucky who came and stayed from late December through to the end of January has also been collected by his family on their return after a very successful 6 week stay. I currently have Pepe and Latte who are kittens I fostered and then adopted out to their new family in the second half of last year. They have not skipped a beat being back here as this was their home for some time so that's going well and their family is due back in a couple of weeks.

There are a load of others holding their own as well as some new faces, including a few that need naming, but I think that's quite enough news for this edition! Once again I am eternally grateful for the support I get. So many of my locals are regularly giving me cat food, I have had donations in the form of payments made directly into my vet account and to the vet for medicines which is amazing as well as the support of my people who make donations through this site. I was even fortunate recently receive food and a kind donation from supporters visiting from England who have previously donated by this site and came by to see the chaos that is cat central!

All in all we are rocking on and keeping our heads up so we can see Spring coming :-)
All the best to all til the next instalment.

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