Mar 19, 2017 at 04:14 am

Last Greeting

Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team

Dear Supporters,

We got a chance to hear from his step daughter Yu Yamada about her last visit with Mr Shiratori on the day before he passed away.

She visited his hospital on March 16th since she was concerned about not getting any response back from him lately. She was informed by the nurse not to be surprised about him becoming much thinner. He had lost a lot of weight, and because of the tumor, he had hard time hearing, although he shook her hand very strongly.

Even she knew she had to be aware that his remaining days were not so long, it was quite a shock to know that day would come right after her visit. Mr Shiratori had passed away on the March 17th around 8pm.

Since his mother was coming from Hokkaido, and his step daughters are from Tokyo, they decided to conduct a small ceremony in the morning of the 19th in Kyoto among family members.

Chikao Shiraori was an amazing brave fighter until the last moment of his life. He decided not to give up and to face his challenge no matter what. He is now holding Murasaki Yamada's picture on his hand. Please send you sincere prayer that he is now finally reunited with his wife.

Your tremendous sincerity supported him and was with him until the end.

We appreciate you deeply again. Thank you very much.


Shiratori Team.

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