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Medical Expenses For Mitchel Art
Mise à jour publié par Analiza Balmores Le Aug 21

Hi, I'm Analiza Balmores, is calling for everyone who has a big heart to please help me save my Son Mitchel Art "Jan-Jan" , he is currently in ICU , he just diagnosed with meningitis. Me and My Family needs financial support. My Sons' medication is P1,800.00 for one shot, and he need it 8 times a day for 14 days, excluding other medications and other hospital bills. Any amount is appreciated and will very helpful for us.

Thank you So much


As of the moment, My son is recovering but we are still waiting for him to speak , he is not able to talk yet, he can’t even say the word "ma" , not even say a word if he’s in pain. We are very sad to see him like this , he plays and talk a lot. But now he was very silent, he just cry when he feels pain. We are currently In Isolation room, as we cannot afford to stay in ICU, we are asking for your help as we can’t afford the medication and hospital bills of My son. Please help us. -Ana

Analiza Balmores

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