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What we've done so far
Mise à jour publié par Charlotte Thornton Le Aug 02

We have officially partnered with the NGO Advocates Abroad, which means that we can refer clients for legal assistance. They advise us weekly on the progressing situation across the country, we have an agreement to help with their clients in the north and they are preparing to send us lawyers to accompany us on specific tasks.

We provide general information, signposting towards relevant materials and referral to other qualified aid workers. We have distributed primary information in the form of the UNHCR Europe Asylum Interview Toolkit and the Government of Greece/UNHCR guidance on the Greek Pre-registration/ asylum/relocation/family reunification exercise. This exercise is the key development for refugees who are stuck in Greece - how they access asylum or get transferred to another country. So far we have visited over 30 camps across the country, as well as Thessaloniki and Athens city centres, reaching over nearly 15,000 people.

We have also joined with other groups to run workshops at a number of different camps, enabling us to hear specific problems and direct refugees to the relevant information using sources like - EASO, Eurostats, Greek Asylum Service, News that Moves and Are You Syrious?

We have also assisted UNHCR on the Thessaloniki Urban Registration efforts. Most of the refugee camps in the north have had stage 1 on the pre-registration process (they have been registered but not yet had their first full interview). Drop-in registration is now available for two weeks to those who are homeless or residing in accommodation outside of camps. Asylum Links has been leading on distribution this information in squats and urban centres.

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