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For my son, Noel, Colon Cancer Medical Treatment Fund Raiser
Mise à jour publié par Maria Luz Soronio Le Jan 31

Hi everyone, family, relatives and friends. Let me take a moment from you and read my status.

My family are not used to ask help from anyone from social media. If we have a problem in the family, we can manage to solve it. For now we will not be ashamed telling you and sharing you the problem we are facing right now. And to be honest we are badly in need of help just to sustain my brother medical treatment need.

I have a son who is currently in the hospital right now fighting for his life against Colon Cancer.

His name is Noel Soronio a good son, he dedicated his life working abroad just to give his family a good education and financial support.

One day he was complaining having stomach pain and cannot eat well nor sleep. So we decide to let him go back home from abroad and see a specialist. He undergo several laboratory test, like; CT scan, Ultrasound, CBC, and Colonoscopy. There is a 5 cm fungating friable mass at cecum covering the appendical opening. Biopsy was done. The histomorphologic findings; consistent with "ADENOCARCINOMA". His doctor advised him to undergo operation.

After feeling ill for several months. He was admitted to the hospital and undergo major operation last January 6, 2016. A big part from his colon was removed so as his gallbladder. Another biopsy was done and the findings; Stage II Colon Cancer. After one week from his operation he was released to the hospital hoping he will recover fast while staying at home. But, after few days, he always complains having back pains, there were days and nights he would have fever and more worse there is a yellowish-greenish substance or pus coming out from his wound. Worried about his condition, we decide to see an Internist and had CT Scan. After having the result he was admitted to the hospital again and undergo operation last January 22, 2016. Since the first operation did not go well because due to infections. His condition become more complicated each day.

Were spending over P 25,000.00 each day for his medical expenses and laboratories alone. Colon Cancer is a serious matter. Even if all of this, we still have long way to go for his recovery.

The full treatment and aftercare could cost P 1,500,000.00 including his Chemo Therapy, but this should add several high quality years to his life. Were nowhere to go. Were short of finances. We've done anything but, our money was not enough for his medical treatment. Anyone with kind heart, We thus request that you give whatever you can to help him win his fight for life.




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