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Mise à jour publié par JoAnne Berg Le Apr 07

"My education goals are to further research in the neuroscience field. Ever since I was young, my mother got intense migraines, so I was interested in the brain and its functions on us as a person. I have been working my hardest to absorb as much information in this field as I can, for example I have taken AP Psychology which is my favorite class and honors physiology. Both of these subjects are related towards the field I'm going to be pursuing. Also, I have been volunteering at my local hospital (which I have over 300 hours) and working at the hospital, I've been exposed to the medical environment with staff. I've also gotten the opportunity to observe surgeries. Currently, I have observed over ten surgeries including a c-section , and all before the end of my senior year.  Plans have already been made to see more. I have done all I can and continue to do more to reach my goal for my education, eventually I will have my PhD and be a pristine neurosurgeon / neuroscientist."


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