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Fan Jam $5 Raffle Prize Giveaway (SEGA merch and more!)
Mise à jour publié par Kori Maru Le Apr 25

Hello SEGA fans and video gamers, we are here to announce our new donation goal to $4,500 and a raffle contest for a chance to win some cool prizes!


The raffle is $5 to enter and we will be giving away various items and SEGA merchandise to a few selected people such as


- 3 Archie Sonic the Hedgehog pages and comic books and a few signed copies by Tracy Yardley!


- Two Atlanta Falcon Tickets


- $50 Gas Card


- Sonic Amibo for Super Smash Bros


- Sakura Wars OVA


- Virtua Fighter Remix for the SEGA Saturn


- Shenmue and many more!


How to enter the raffle:


- Go to https://gogetfunding.com/project/sonic-sega-fan-jam-2015-fundraiser


- Click Fan Jam Raffle Prizes and donate $5 with a PayPal account.


- Your name and email will be saved on our backers list.


We will announce the winners by June 9th 2015! Also, if we could raise at least a $1,000 in each donation, we will announce a special guest! 


Fan Jam will take place in Savannah, Georgia at The Guild Hall, 615 Montgomery St 31405 on November 2015. Date and ticket prices will be announced this summer. 



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