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Successful Surgery!
Mise à jour publié par Randall Oltman Le Oct 01

Thanks so much for everyone's contributions! We've made great progress towards our goal and even if we don't meet it I'm confident that our needs will be provided for.

Bridget had surgery this past Wednesday and is steadily recuperating. During the surgery, the doctor found some endometriosis and removed it, and even took a sample of the bad tissue to send to a lab (to ensure it really is endometriosis and not something else). The doctor also cauterized (sealed) up the tissue leftover from the ruptured cyst.

Bridget is in some pain & discomfort still from the surgery, and we're a bit worried about the stitches healing properly, but she's getting lots of bed rest and is staying on a simple diet. She has a follow-up appointment with the doctor in a week and a half and can't pick up Rachael or return to work until that time (assuming everything checks out okay).

I'll keep you posted as things progress! Thanks again!

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