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Update posted by Marie Chandler On Oct 20, 2018

First off, I WROTE my main post for this campaign MONTHS ago - just after we got my dad's diagnoses. That was around May/June.

Since then, my dad was put on Zoladex. It's a three monthly implant. He got the first one in early June. At the same time, after a LOT of research, I got him a bottle of cannabis oil...and it was NOT cheap. But after having read about all the possible side-effects of the Zoladex, I was terrified, and wanted something that could help my dad, WITHOUT a million possible hideous side-effects.

I raided my "emergency" savings, which I had been saving over a span of about 5 years, already. And in one swift move, basically ALL of those savings were tapped out.

Now, months later, my dad is a LOT worse off. His PSA count HAS gone down (all due to the cannabis oil, I am CONVINCED), but just as I had feared, the Zoladex has messed him up something horrible. As I've said, my dad has an old back injury, dating back to the 70's. One of Zoladex's main side-effects, is spinal pressure, and bone pain - and the thinning of bones.

So now, my dad has had to be referred to an orthopedic specialist, too. Which means MORE trips and MORE petrol money. Gas prices in South-Africa are currently INSANE. We've gotten help from our church once or twice, but even they have said they can no longer help out financially.

My dad's cannabis oil is almost finished. He decided to discontinue the Zoladex after just one "treatment", because of the unbearable back pain he now has EVERY DAY.

It's awful to see my dad like this. As I've said, he's always been an active person. He does welding jobs, and things like that. Now he can't do any of that, and it's affecting his state of mind. He's depressed and angry, and it affects our entire household. My mom isn't well, herself, and the stress of seeing my dad like this, is NOT helping.

Again, I am BEGGING. I want to make things BETTER for my dad, again. I want to be able to afford some better medicine, or maybe even better doctors, for him. But I am literally HELPLESS to do ANYTHING, without some kind of financial help. And SOON, too.

Once more, thank you, and God bless.

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