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Be the Champion of your own Well-Being.

Imagine yourself filled with vitality, moving with suppleness, while feeling stability, power, and responsiveness to face any challenge that comes your way.

Be steadfast like a mountain, flexible like a willow tree, and flowing like the waters.

Imagine what you will do with the new energy, mobility and resilience you will discover within yourself.

Give this to yourself any time, anywhere, comfortably dressed, just as you are.

My name is Bill Saragosa, and I would like to tell you the story of Floating Bones.

I began practicing Tai Chi Chuan many years ago, in 1995. I have had the good fortune to learn this profound and powerful martial art from some wonderful teachers, and my appetite for learning continues to this day.

Tai Chi takes you on a journey to the very core of your being. You learn to perceive deep inside your body, mind, and spirit in more ways than you might imagine. When you are really practicing Tai Chi, you feel like your very bones are floating - buoyant, connected and powerful. That is why this work is called Floating Bones.

I am engaged professionally teaching Tai Chi. I work in a well-known and highly respected clinic in Germany, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Our patients come to us for rehabilitation and a new start in their lives. Many have had either a major medical procedure or are confronted with burnout, depression and exhaustion.

Throughout their stay, new perspectives in their lives are established. Tai Chi can truly help people find new resources for a fresh start in life. That is what I do.

I address the whole person, their actual situation, and the concrete challenges they face. I present and articulate practices from the rich traditions of Tai Chi to produce immediate first results. Everyone is different, and accordingly, the measures are individualized. Sometimes the appropriate steps are focused on breathing, grounding and introspective body work. Sometimes we begin with stability and strength, or practical self-defense.

In the Floating Bones Method, everyone has something in common: Your journey begins in the place you find yourself right now. You proceed in the direction and at the pace that naturally suits you. Each step is the appropriate step for you. It is like personal coaching.

The Floating Bones Method of bringing the benefits of Tai Chi into your daily life has proven successful.

Now it is time to grow

Floating Bones is growing into an online community called Oasis. This campaign is created for raising the initial funding.

Oasis will be a subscription and membership based community broadcast studio. It will be a place to receive detailed instruction and personalized coaching. It will be a place to inspire and be inspired by others on a parallel journey.

Oasis will be hosted on the Thinkific Learning Management System. Instructional material in various formats will be available for reference and download. Live call-in classes and personal one-on-one sessions will be broadcasted over direct video feed.

This takes the ability to benefit people to another level: You can join from wherever you are located. Naturally, we will be getting together in person for special events and intensive retreats.

Fundraising Goals

Initial funding is dedicated to the infrastructure.

  • Production. A suitable location has been found for immediate production of video lessons. This is available through the end of this year. (€1000, one-time expense)
  • Equipment and information services. I want you to feel as if we are in the same space. This requires an investment in good equipment to deliver accuract, high quality coaching requires good equipment. (€2000, one-time expense)
  • Long Term Location for one year. Oasis needs about 60 square meters of suitable commercial space. (Estimated €12,000, or estimated €1000 / month)
  • Costs associated with legal, tax and administration (€5000 estimate)

Ways You can Help

Join now with a membership subscription!

There are three options for membership: Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime. All three membership levels are steeply discounted for this fundraising campaign. Take a look below.

Log in to Floating Bones Oasis!

You can try out the introductory lessons right now, absolutely free. All you need is an email address and you are good to go. Try the introductory material and see if this is something that feels right for you.

Make a donation!

You can donate any amount that suits you at the meoment. Every donation is greatfully appreciated, and helps to reach the goal.

Spread the Word!

Put the power in your own hands! We have a special widget that you can forward to anyone in your contacts, email, and social media networks. Let's use our personal leverage here!

Stay in touch for future developments!

Join the Floating Bones Newsletter Footprints in the Sand. Join here:




Your donation in any amount is greatfully appreciated!


Month-to-Month members receive reactive feedback once a month check-in by appointment. All live-streaming is included.

Bronze Membership

Bronze Members receive one year of reactive coaching and check-in by appiontment. Attendance in all local seminars is discounted 25 percent. All live-streaming is included.

Silver Membership

Silver Members receive one year of proactive coaching and check-in by appiontment. Attendance in all local seminars is discounted 50 percent. All live-streaming is included.

Gold Membership

Gold Members receive one year of intensive proactive coaching with Personal Challege and frequent check-in. Attendance in all local seminars is complimentary. All live-streaming is included.


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Behind the Scenes

Update posted by William Saragosa at 06:13 am

We are getting some new members through personal contacts... Join us now!

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