First Filipina in the World’s Longest Horse Race: The Mongol Derby

Update posted by Solana Perez On Oct 13, 2019

Hey everyone!

The next installment for my entry fee into the Mongol Derby is coming up soon... and I'm short about Php 23,000.

For those who are wondering, the Mongol Derby has a fairly hefty entrance fee. Think of it as an expedition to Mt. Everest. It is like the Everest of horseback riding after all. The entrance fee covers a lot of things that the organizers of the race need to make sure that the race runs smoothly, such as, veterinary care for the horses, compensation for the herder families who are entrusting their horses to the Mongol Derby, the support vehicles needed, as well as the medics who will be there for the riders in the event of medical emergencies during the race.

So, to raise some funds to cover my deficiency, I'd like to invite you all to join my little raffle: I'm raffling off an artwork of mine (Time Flies) which also functions as a wall clock.

To join the raffle:

1. Make a donation! Pretty please. No specific amount, as long as it meets the minimum indicated on this campaign.

2. Drop me an email at: [email protected] with the following subject: Raffle entry: [Your full name]

3. For those who want to join the raffle offline, you can let me know by sending an email to the address above, and I'll get in touch to let you know how you can join.

4. The winner will be announced on October 23, 2019, at 12 pm (Philippine standard time). I'll get in touch to arrange shipping for the artwork!

Thank you, and good luck to all of us! I'll be accepting entries until 10 am on October 23rd!

Time Flies

Title: Time Flies

Size: 8" x 11"

Medium: Mixed media (acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper assemblage, battery-run clock movement)

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Update posted by Solana Perez On Oct 04, 2019

My pants and shoes are muddy, and I'm covered in wonderful horse smell from head to toe. Nothing in the world makes me happier.

I want to express my thanks to the first donors to my cause. Because of you, I've secured my training sessions on horseback for the next month: I'll be riding 6 hours a day starting on October 7. On October 8, that's when even more horsey stuff comes in. I'll be getting up at 6 am every day to get Phantom ready; grooming him, feeding him, and tacking up, and riding him up into the trail at around 8.30 am. Followed by more riding with horses Redskin and Nemo. After my 6 hours of riding, I get to take Phantom back to where his stable is located and take care of bathing and feeding him again. Over the weekends, or when there are customers for the pony boys/ladies, I'm expected to help out as a walking guide for their customers. Gina and the other horse owners have come up with this routine for me themselves because it gives us all a nice win-win situation: I get to train for long hours in the saddle at a discounted price, they get an extra hand in helping them care for their horses. And again, it's training for the nitty gritty parts of the Mongol Derby. Once I'm out on the steppe I'll be expected to care for the horses that I'm riding on my own, and get them to the next urtuu (horse station, situated every 35 km) in good condition, where I'll be switching to a fresh steed to take me the next 35 km.

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Paolo, Kitkat and Diego

Backed with ₱5000.00 On Oct 19, 2019


Way to go Solana! We are incredibly happy to see you conquering your life goals/adventures. Big hugs to you and your horses.

Nap & Rimps Villanueva

Backed with ₱4000.00 On Oct 18, 2019


Emma Laperal

Backed with ₱5000.00 On Oct 18, 2019



Backed with ₱3000.00 On Oct 18, 2019


I believe in you.

Diana Limjoco

Backed with ₱5000.00 On Oct 17, 2019


Go Solana!

Jan Van der Ploeg

Backed with ₱1500.00 On Oct 04, 2019



Backed with ₱500.00 On Oct 02, 2019


To my soul sister who ignited my passion for horses — this is such an exciting adventure and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. You are one of the strongest, most courageous, and badass women I know. A true horsewoman. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hear about your journey. I know that Viper will be galloping alongside you for that 1000km, and my spirit will too. I’m getting all emotional thinking about our rides and our time frolicking around on the trampoline in Yangco, pretending to be wild, untameable horses. What I’d give to relive those precious moments of joy. I am so proud that my soul sister is representing us Filipinas. You’ve got this. Soar, Sol, soar!

Kai Yulo

Backed with ₱15000.00 On Sep 30, 2019



Backed with ₱3000.00 On Sep 30, 2019


You just go girl. Best of luck.

Diana Limjoco

Backed with ₱2000.00 On Sep 30, 2019

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