Finding Love

Update posted by Viola Voltairine On Nov 24, 2020

Now that we've raised enough for one scene, it seems a shame not to keep up the momentum while we have the cast and crew in place and raise funds to shoot a second! Why stop now? Let's see how far we can take it!

Update posted by Viola Voltairine On Nov 15, 2020

We are finally cast and have most of our crew in place for shooting. Finding Love: The First Test. This will be a "proof of concept" teaser for the larger film, just to show you what we can do with only a fraction of our total budget.


Amanda Graeff as Renee

Sara Miller as Heather

Tyler Alpern as Butler

If you've signed up for our updates you will have already read their introductions, and you'll get early access to footage from the film!

Thank everyone who's made this happen! If we don't get the full budget all at once, Ms. Viola plans to release this as an episodic series of scenes from the book. So the more we raise, the more we can shoot!

Update posted by Viola Voltairine On Jul 19, 2020

Those of you who have contributed $50 or more to the campaign should have received an e-mail from Ms. Viola (if you included your e-mail when contributing) with your thank you gifts! Please check the inbox of the account you used to donate!

We are just $1525 away from pour goal! If we make we will begin shooting one scene in the fall! So close! Let's do this!

Update posted by Viola Voltairine On Apr 30, 2020

Just a quick reminder, if you contributed $50 or more and would like your perk, please e-mail [email protected] to receive your gift! It's the only way to be sure we have your correct contact info. If you don't e-mail no one will know to send you the interview or book you have been anxiously awaiting.

If you have donated more than $1000 be sure to send us the name you'd like included in the credits.

Also, if you are thinking of investing in the full budget of the film, please contact Ms. Viola to see the investor packet.

When we reach $20K, Ms. V. will be shooting a short scene from the film! Those who responded to the newsletter got to put in their vote for the scene, and if you sign up you'll get to see pics and updates on the shoot when it happens ( So let's keep the momentum going.

As always thank you for your generous contributions!

Update posted by Viola Voltairine On Feb 17, 2020

Renee sent me her full 15-minute interview and I'm sharing a quick 2 1/2 minute excerpt here for everyone. If you want to hear the whole thing, you must contribute $50 or more the campaign! Ms. Renee answers your questions about reconciling vanilla life with D/s, why she wrote the book, how things are changing, and her advice for subs and couples.

Here's the clip:

Thanks to everyone who has gotten us to 20% of the goal! I may have some good news in the near future about someone who may get involved in the film that just gives me stars in my eyes! I promise you'll be impressed! But until then keep supporting the film and posting about wherever we can find an audience!

Ms. V.

Update posted by Viola Voltairine On Nov 26, 2019

After raising about $2000 we are now moving our fundraising campaign to this space! Thanks for your contributions!

Donate $50.00 Or More

download the full audio interview with Ms. Renee Lane

71 Backers

Donate $100.00 Or More

Softbound copy of the book with limited edition postcard

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Donate $1000.00 Or More

your name (or any name you wish) in the credits

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It is a pleasure to continue to support your project!

Brett MacElveen

Backed with $10.00 On Jan 16, 2021


Such a worthy project, bringing FLR into the light.


Backed with $50.00 On Jan 15, 2021



Backed On Jan 14, 2021 Amount Hidden


Ms V and Ms Renee, It's an honor to donate again. Please keep up the great work. Hasten the Matriarchy chuck (aka John)

John Dawson

Backed with $100.00 On Jan 10, 2021


Brett MacElveen

Backed with $10.00 On Jan 09, 2021



Backed with $180.00 On Jan 08, 2021


Stephen Hester

Backed with $100.00 On Jan 03, 2021


Fantastic idea to make a Movie from the book. I wish you every success

Stephen Robertson

Backed with $15.00 On Jan 03, 2021


Ms V (and Ms Renee) as promised my second donation of $100.00 as a small indication of my commitment and dedication to the book, the movie and the rise of a Matriarchal Society. There will be more, but I must pace my expenses. Thank You both for granting my honor of helping. I value you both!

John Dawson

Backed with $100.00 On Jan 02, 2021


An inspiring project for a new world.


Backed with $50.00 On Jan 02, 2021

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