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Update posted by A. Inocente On Jul 17, 2018

Our family is seeking financial help for my aunt Ma’am Emelita Inocente- Beatingo, former English Teacher in Banga National High School and Mindanao Community School.

3 years ago she was diagnosed with Bullous pemphigoid (BUL-us PEM-fih-goid) it is an acute or chronic autoimmuneskin disease involving the formation of blisters more appropriately known as bullae at the space between the epidermis and dermis skin layers. It is a rare skin condition that causes large fluid-filled blisters. The blisters develop on areas of skin that often flex — such as the lower abdomen, upper thighs or armpits. (

My aunt was a high school public teacher, a people loving person, prayerful and selflessly generous. But for me, she is really close to my heart who helped my parents raised me. In everything I do she’s always there to support and guide me. In some of my life changing decisions she was part of it and I could not bear the fact that after all what she gave… sacrificed for other people yet in her later years she will be inflicted with a sickness that is so hard to treat.

She has a lot of dreams, especially for her daughter who is still in high school when her ailment started. She was not supposed to retire yet but she took leave of absence while on treatment with high hopes that she will get better and return back to the profession she loved most. However, it’s been months then became years but all the prescribed medication and hospitalization she complied gave her only few months of alleviation then again her skin starts to blister, looks like first to second degree burns, not a single part of her skin was spared. There was a time she cannot even wear clothes anymore. It was itchy everywhere and painful to touch. There are days that she just kept on crying throughout the day, feeling helpless and depressed that her agony doesn’t end. She lost her confidence and doesn’t want anymore to go out of her house. What keeps her strong and sane is her faith, she fervently prays to God if that’s her fate she will bear the pain but let her live more years to be with her daughter and husband.

Last July 13, 2018 I received a message from my auntie (her sister) that they’re going to bring her to the hospital because she cannot open her mouth and she has high grade fever.

When they sent me a picture she was already admitted in ICU, I could no longer recognize her face.She’s truly in pain, her body was edematous and she has blisters on her right leg that became infected. She was diagnosed in septic shock state, as complication of bullous pemphigoid. She would require a lot of treatment, including the Endotracheal intubation because she can’t hardly breathe due to multiple organ failure. As of now our family opted to transfer her in regular private room, we could no longer sustain the ICU rate which is 30 thousand per day, and we hired a private critical nurse to keep her on close monitoring. We could spend longer time with her, unlike in ICU we can see her during visiting hours only. We don’t know what will happen in days to come but we will continue to shower her with so much love and care.

We would like to ask for financial assistance for our Aunt has strong will to live, and she’s fighting and we don’t want to give up on hope that she will surpass all these trials and one day she will stand strong and claim that she survived the battle.

Thank you so much.

Kindly send your help to:

Bernadita Inocente Vallar

PNB account: 405 9600 76551

Land Bank account: 510 721 9201

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