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Hello! My name is Sophieann Goffe. I am a Shopkeeper/Shop Attendant. I work at a food and variety store from Mondays to Saturdays 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. My weekly wages is 9000 Jamaican Dollars and is mainly used to cover food and personal hygiene products. I hardly save anything from what I earn and the little that I am able to save Is mostly used when I have an emergency.

I have been living a hand-to-mouth lifestyle for almost three years, my wages provide food and personal hygiene products. I desperately need financial stability in my life. I am currently living with my parents and I wish to change that. I want to be financially secured where I am assured that I will be able to finance myself care 100% without having to rely on family who helps you and then criticize you behind your back.

I am frustrated and depressed, I work so hard h yet still I am unable to fulfill the simplest, basic and necessary human needs. I feel worthless, unfulfilled, insignificant and hopeless.

I have come to realize that time is of the essence, I am almost 30 years of age and I have nothing to my name.

I am very disturbed mentally with my condition as I often find myself contemplating on my situation and how hard I work wanting to see improvements but unable to achieve even the smallest chance for change.

I want to do something to ensure that I am on a pathway to planting seeds that will blossom and grow fruits of financial change in my life.

Starting a small business was always something I wanted to do but my financial struggles made this dream impossible. I've recently started going over ideas or things I can do to create the necessary changes needed in my life.

Starting a small business was the most feasible option based on my skills and the resources at hand because my boss has given me the okay to sell a few things in his store.

This is a great opportunity because I would only have to assist him with paying electricity(he doesn't have water bill because he uses tank water and he owns the business space therefore no rent) and would sell products that he is not already selling.

Embarking on this journey would solve my financial problems. I will also gain fulfilment and accomplishment in my life and will create opportunities for me to help someone like myself who is in need of financial assistance.

I am excited to begin this journey but I require generous supporters to assist me in obtaining the funds that this venture will require.

I hereby enlist the help of gracious donors to provide funding or supplies so that I can embark on this life changing journey.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be used wisely to purchase the necessary items needed to start this business.

I use this medium to entreat passionate philanthropist to render their immediate financial support. You can donate to my PayPal account at [email protected] or purchase any item you wish and contact me via email and I will provide you with the information on how you can get the item/items to me.

I want to reassure everyone that this is not a plan or scheme to unnecessarily obtain your hard-earned cash. Yes, I am in dire need of financial assistance, but I would never rob or scam someone to get their hard-earned money. I honestly need funding.

I graciously implore every generous contributor who view this campaign to render their assistance towards changing my destiny.

I beseech you, please donate to my cause or share my campaign.

Every generous, valuable and beneficial donation made will be instrumental and resourceful to my starting my business and fulfill my need to gain peace and financial stability.

I sincerely express my overwhelming and heartfelt gratitude to everyone who support my cause by donating or sharing my campaign or even by reading my story.

I diligently assure you that your kind and thoughtful efforts are greatly appreciated and will not be wasted.

Thank you all for your generous support.


Thank you postcards.

I express my heartfelt gratitude for your support. Words cannot express how much your donation means to me. I am so grateful for your kind contribution and I truly appreciate your partnership in helping me to create a positive change in my life. I am humbled by your generosity and thankful for your commitment to supporting my cause. Thank you for being a gracious donor. ​

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I am a quiet young lady who loves reading, sports, music and God. I treasure the simplest things in life that gives the most joy and peace.

I am a quiet young lady who loves reading, sports, music and God. I treasure the simplest things in life that gives the most joy and peace.

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