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Hello everyone, My name is Kartia Olinger and I have started this fundraiser in order to help my dear friend Linda Williams. Linda is the kindest and a big hearted person.
I know, she is always there to lend a hand to anyone in need. She has suffered several deaths in her family one after another and has been left trying to pay for all of the expenses and financial responsibilities of those family members! She herself is in poor health and on a limited income.
All of this has become burdensome on her, as it has all fallen on her shoulders to bare the weight. She has been covered heavily with this financial burden.
All funds collected will go toward her purchasing tombstones, paying off funeral cost and the cost of closing out her families estates and any other cost occured from her loss.
Her brother has been her most recent and hardest hitting losses.
Michael E. Davis Also called Mike or Mikey. Passed away in his sleep, the morning of May 21st 2018. At his home with the Michelle and Scott Gibson family in Fleming Ohio. In their new home the Gibson's built a few years ago they added an extra bedroom and it was Mikey's bedroom.
Mike was born, April 1, 1951. He grew up in Shawnee Ks.. Schools, Mike went to Greenwood Elementary, Hocker Grove and Shawnee Mission West. He worked for Pittman Moving and Storage in Merriam Ks.. Moved to Paola Ks. and worked for Hites Chevrolet. Then Lacygne Ks. and on to West Virginia. Next was Marietta Ohio and in Marietta, he had a restaurant called KC Smokehouse. In 2004, Mike moved to Holton Ks. and open a restaurant called Bodacious Bar-B-Que. He closed Bodacious Bar-B-Que in 2013, because of health reasons. Mike found many friends in Holton and it's surrounding areas.
In 2014 he returned to Ohio. Mike missed the river, the campground and his acquired family in Ohio. They had a memorial service for Mikey at the campground by the river that he loved so much. They looked after him and took very good care of Mikey, he was Happy❣ Linda ( Mike's Sister) wasn't able to go to the Memorial service in Ohio. Due to her financial situation.
Linda plans to go to Ohio to get her Brother's ashes and belongings, as soon as she can. Either on Mike's Birthday April 1st 2019 a Life Celebration or a Memorial Service on Mike's 1 year anniversary of his death May 21st 2019. When Linda gets everything situated and the details are definite, she will let everyone know in plenty of time to make arrangements to be able to come if they would like to.
Mike is survived by - A Daughter- Samantha Kay Lovey and she gave Mike three beautiful Grandchildren A Daughter- Tracy Lynn Tate and she gave Mike a beautiful Granddaughter A Sister- Linda D. Williams A Niece- Greda B. Williams Horton A Great Niece- Jade A. Jones A Great Nephew- G. Dillin Horton.
Mike was a fun loving soul who loved to pull practicle jokes! His laughter and smile could brighton any day!
*****if you could elaborate a little more on the story and any others! *****
Mike playing in the bubbles from their bubble machine at Camp Reed
Mike was preceded in death by his beloved Mother- Alice G. Davis June 19 2015.
Linda Lives in Kansas, still and has been cleaning out the reastaraunt her brother had some things stored in. Any and all help granted will be greatly appreciated and used for the purposes stated above.
Headstone for Alice G Davis, Mike and Linda's Mother.
Headstone for Mike April 1st 1951 D.O.D. May 21ST 2018
D.O.B. September 24th 1929 D.O.D. June 19th 2015
David Cullen Lee Williams born August 11th 1999 died November 24th 1999
You can use her donate button here to send money through her secured paypal account! This gives her alone immediate access to the funds that are greatly needed at this time!
We are trying to Raise $15,000 to cover the expenses of all 3 tombstones and other expenses from her brothers death! And he r some money to travel to get his remains and finish collecting his things from Ohio!

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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities