Fight with our Mighty Papu (Diagnosed with Severe Pneumonia and Covid)

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Robert B. Co, 64 years of age. A very hardworking, patient, kind hearted and down to earth person. A loving husband to Amalia, a loving father to his 4 Boys (Carlos, Nikolai, Dexter and Ivan) and a loving grandpa to his granddaughter Calie.


  • March 15,2021 - (His youngest son's birthday) he began to experience some muscle aches, high fever and headaches but he simply waited it out and hoped it would pass. He didn’t think he had any serious illness at that time.

  • March 17, 2021 - When he came home from his work, he can't move his left arm and left leg. He entered inside the house and started to vomit and peed himself. He doesn't even wanted to go to the hospital because he said he's fine. But his eldest son decided to rushed him to the hospital. Using an ambulance, he was rushed to different hospitals but no hospitals were accepting him because all of them were in full capacity because of Covid 19. Luckily they found a hospital and he was assesed immediately. The initial findings was he had a STROKE. Thank God he was rushed immediately. He was placed first inside an isolation room accompanied by his youngest son while waiting for a regular room.

  • March 18,2021 - He undergone swabbing to check if he has Covid 19. The doctor said that his arm and leg were both paralyzed because of high blood pressure.

  • March 19,2021 - Result of his Swab Test came and it was NEGATIVE for Covid 19 and he was placed in a private room already. Also, he was diagnosed with a Severe Pneumonia.

As day passes by . . . He was still okay. Until...

  • March 27,2021 - His oxygen keeps going low and he needs to be intubated because he can't breathe on his own. His doctor puts a tube down to his throat to make it easier to get air into and out of his body. His nose will be intubated also for his food.

  • March 28,2021 - He undergone his 2nd Swab Test.

  • March 30,2021 - His swab result came out POSITIVE for Covid 19.

  • April 1,2021 - His doctor decided to put a catheter to help him pee.

  • April 2,2021 - The doctor said he needs to undergo Dialysis. His body is getting weaker everyday. And he needs all the help he can get.


We are asking everyone to help us collate funds for his hospitalization and to sustain his everyday needs. Thank you and Stay safe. May God bless you all.

You may send financial help through the following accounts:

BPI Savings Account - 0129400099

Name: Carlos Bernardo Co

Gcash - 09565166774

Name: Carlos Bernardo Co

Gcash - 09060425858

Name: Rieziel Daiane P. Bonifacio

CIMB - 20860726145793

Name: Rieziel Daiane P. Bonifacio


Name: Rieziel Daiane P. Bonifacio

Thank you so much! God bless and Stay safe!


Apr 04

Mighty Papu's Battle has come to an End

Update posted by Rieziel Daiane Bonifacio at 07:18 am


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Donated So Far
Raised offline: ₱65,000.00
Total: ₱66,200.00

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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