Fight for Baby Alonzo

Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Mar 02, 2021

Dear Family and Friends... Zo is free from pain.. He is already free from infections or complications.. He is in a happier place. Heaven gained a brave angel. Thank you for praying with us from day 1. Thank you for all the support and love you have shown my nephew 🙏 please continue to pray for our family, especially my sister and brother in law that God’s comfort and peace will be upon them in this season of grieving. Thank you again for stabding with us in prayers for Zo to be healed. He is in a better place with our Creator.

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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Mar 01, 2021

Update : Fam pls continue to pray for the following:

1.) brains- as per doctor based on his eeg report his brain activity is slowing down

2.) blood works- to align with God’s perfect working order ( hemoglobin, platelet, wbc , blood clotting and bleeding)

3.) complete and supernatural healing for all the organs!

4.) complete healing for the DIC , sepsis , pneumonia, and genetic disorder.

5.) complete healing for swelling

We press on towards supernatural healing because we believe that He can still do it !

Thanks Fam!

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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Feb 28, 2021

Update from my sister arounf 4:22 pm

Fam !! We rejoice and thank God for small or big improvements for Zo❤️

Update :

1.) Platelet - normal but petichae is more ( research na lang what is petichae ahahha😂)

2.) Fibrinogen -something to do with his infection - normal

3.) Hemoglobin - improved but have not yet arrived with the goal

4.) brains-no seizure but still the same level of activity and no deterioration. pls continue to pray for this!

5.) Blood clotting - improvs but stil not within range

6.) Bleeding time -improve but still not within range

7.) Albumin - still low, pls continue to pray for this.

8.) Lungs- still the same

9.) Wbc - high, pls pray that this will normalize

10.) liver - still pray for complete healing, he is more yellowish than before now.

Doctor said , Zo is really a little strong warrior ! They can’t believe that he can take everything that he is going through 😭. He surprises every doctors 😂but because we know that Zo was made by our Creator who makes him strong and enables him to fight.❤️🔥🔥🔥

Thank you for continuously standing with us !

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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Feb 26, 2021

Update from my sister around 1am today

Pls continue to pray doctor said that his heart is getting tired and thats why his lungs is affected. Again the doctor said that anytime his heart might stop beating. Also together with that other organs are still not okay such as the albumin that keeps the water in his body.

Can u pls also spare me at this time, I am kinda frustrated with the answers of the doctors because at the moment they can’t still pinpoint the real cause why Zo’s body has been drastically infected by the infection and not responding to the meds they are giving. They are also saying that it might be also because Zo has a metabollic disorder which is not yet proven unless we do a genetic test. He can’t do a genetic test yet because he is transfusing blood. He needs to be cleared 3-4 weeks pa and be stable if ever will do that. I do respect what the doctors are saying but Somehow deep inside me I am not convinced with their answers but again I also need to trust them. It’s just so hard to accept that the answers are so vague... Even we have the best doctors they also can’t pinpoint the exact cause. So it feels like floating and going nowhere. I can’t reconcile the strong feeling that I have inside vs what the doctor is saying. i also dont have peace with what the doctors are saying and that’s what makes it hard for me.

The only thing that I know to do now is pour our hearts to God and trust Him completely. I don’t like the feeling anymore of having like a roller coaster in ur tummy and like my heart wants to leap out of my flesh🥺I miss us as a family, we feel beaten up ( but not destroyed) and tired😭😭😭

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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Feb 25, 2021

Update from my sister around 6:46 P

Fam, we praise God for improvements on Zo’s condition today. So far , doctor said that his intestine is moving, liver is improving, and water swelling is decreasing, and he also pooped already. Also he keeps on moving his lips from yesterday

Kindly continue to battle with us in prayer for the following :

1.) Zo ‘s oxygen level to be stable. Today his oxygen is low. They had to put his oxygen level to a higher setting :-(

2.) pneumonia to be healed completely

3.) D.I.C. to go away completely

4.) albumin to be healed completely

5.) blood clotting to be completely healed.

6.) bleeding to be completely healed

7.) for his heart to be strong inspite of all the procedures and test that he is going through. Believing that God is giving him a new heart even though he went thru a lot.

8.) God’s grace for us parents. And strength.

9.) strength, wisdom and grace for the nurses and doctors.

Luv u all ! Thank you


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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Feb 24, 2021

Sorry if I was not able to update yesterday ... i just felt so sad about my sister’s update... but we are still believing that God will do miracles in Alonzo’s life. Nothing is impossible with our creator! He is in control of Zo’s life.

For today’s update, Zo’s oxygen level has been fluctuating up and down. Platelet is low and his head is swelling.

Please continue to pray for him that he will be a living testimony of God’s goodness. That all the infection, sickness, abnormalities will be healed so that they can go home. And tha he may live a normal and healthy life.

Update from my sister yesterday

Fam, pls also believe with us that God will restore Zo’s feet. As per doctor his left foot has no more blood circulation. And we might need to amputate in the future. But again is there anything too hard for the Lord?? Nothing!!!

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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Feb 22, 2021

Update: 02/22/21- 6:30pm

Fam, pls pray PICU dept lacks nurses and one of our neighbor had some problems with their daughter which was not properly seen by the doctors/ nurses. I feel that they are tired , the mom is mad and crying. As a mom i can feel her fear, anger , and frustrations. The doctors are also hiding from them because they are so mad. Pls pray that Alonzo will be taken care of properly even if they lack nurses and that God will send nurses to take care of the babies here in the PICU.Also for attentiveness , wisdom and strength for the doctors and nurses here in PICU. I can’t also blame them, they are also humans who can get tired too. One of the nurses cried already 😪. Will also send u updates in a bit. Thanks


Update: 02/22/21 - 6:50pm

Update: so far vital stats are good.

Pls continue to pray for complete healing for the following:

- bleeding - still elevated

- blood clotting - still elevated

- lungs - still status quo

- liver - still infected.

- platelet - still low

- water level - so far as per doctor Zo has nice wiwi output.

- potassium - still low

- sodium - still high

Thank you for continuing to believe with us ❤️All praises to Him❤️

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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Feb 21, 2021

Update from my sister:

Hi Fam, thanks for all the love and support you have given our fam for the past days and for the coming days❤️ I have been talking to Zo and telling him that he is loved by many and that people are praying for him❤️Our hearts are overflowing with thanks and praises unto Him who loves Zo more than we do.

Update lng din for today.

So far no bleeding , white blood cell is within range, blood pressure is okay, heart rate is okay, oxygen is okay. Also, lots of movement for today❤️

Pls continue to believe for supernatural healing for the following:

- blood clot to go away

- DIC t go away

- liver for complete healing ( hit by the infection)

- for intestine to move and function properly

- lungs - complete healing from pneumonia

- sodium to stabilize ( sodium is high at the moment)

- albumin to be healed ( right now albumin is low also )

- for his blood count to be completed and healed from the infection( red blood cells, plAtelet( low) )

- potassium to stabilize- low

- sepsis be gone in his body

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Update posted by Sophia Barrido On Feb 20, 2021

Update from my sister this morning:

Hi Fam! We thank God for His new mercy today❤️

Just an update: so far one of the highlights is that Zo is still fighting even if doctor said that he might not make it last night. 🥺 Also his lungs has improvement, more clear today. No bleeding for today and no transfusion except for the albumin. Decrease of water in His body. Also, he started feeding again today. Thank You Lord , we praise You regardless if it’s small or big wins. ❤️

But pls continue to pray for the following: for his bp to normalize, wisdom for doctors to know the cause of increase of Zo’s bp. For liver , heart ,albumin and lungs to be completely healed from the infection. For DIC to be gone in his body and for wisdom from the doctors on how to stabilize his clotting and bleeding. For his brains to be healed from the infection too so that the activity will normalize because right now zo is producing too much saliva because he is having a hard time swallowing it because his brain activity is slow. And For his immune system to be strong to fight off any virus / bacteria that he may get again. Thank you ❤️

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Stay strong po. Jesus loves you


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I am super encouraged by you and your family's strength. You are a fighter Zo! Be healed in Jesus' name, Amen.


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