Festival of Love 2019 @ Singapore

Have you ever been frustrated in your personal relationship? Do you feel you just can’t understand your partner? Would you like to strengthen your relationship with yourself or with your partner? Look no further! For the first time ever in Singapore, we are planning to have a large-scale, ten-day event called the Festival of Love, from 14 to 24 February 2019! This festival features 27 professionals from various backgrounds and fields to provide you an all-rounded take on the many different types of love…. hence, the name: the Festival of Love! Festival of Love has many exciting elements Two-day Conference promoting and educating the public on self-love, body-positivity, relationships, sexuality, and even on Environmental and Animal Rights among many others on 16 and 17 February. Individual Passes $70/pax for one day pass $100/pax for two day pass (save up to $40!) Couple Passes $110/Couple for one day passes (save up to $30!) $160/Couple for two day passes (save up to $120!) Pop-up workshops – 14 – 24 Feb! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting classes such as Otonamaki (adult wrapping), Kombucha Pairing Session, Journaling, Consent and Boundaries with Improv Skills, The Art of Vulva Pleasuring, Striptease, among many others. Book launch – We kick-off the Fest of Love with the launch of {Un}Inhibited: Asian vulva photo book by author Dr Martha Tara Lee and photographer Kelvin Lim on 13 Feb. This book is the first elaborate vulva photography book focusing on Asian vulvas, designed to educate Asian women about their … Continue reading Festival of Love 2019 @ Singapore