Feeding Poor Stray Dogs

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This pandemic time many dogs are suffering without food and water. Because all the hotels' restaurants are closed, there’s no way to get food for this stray dog. Animals have no voice. They can't ask for help. They can't ask for freedom. They can't ask for protection. Humanity must be their voice.

We decided to care and feed poor stray dogs. I started with my budget in the beginning. But day by day the dog is increasing. And I need more funds. I wanted to continue this service gradually according to the fund of all over.

To love, protect, and help all living beings in nature, for the spiritual yogic development of compassion. Financially support our project of feeding the poor stray dogs. We can return it in a way that benefits you in the future.

When you can help me during this very difficult time, you will get three benefits.

1. The spiritual yogic development practice of compassion increases our capacity to care. It reinforces charity, empathy, and sympathy. It is a very good exercise for your heart muscle.

2. The donations you make are used to help and feed poor dogs. You will be blessed with Universal yogic energy. Depending on the amount of money you donate, as a result of your life good deeds, happiness, joy, and prosperity will come into your life.

3. Yoga classes with the same value for the money you give can be learned from my yoga class anywhere in the world anytime in five years. From time to time I update my website. www.cyrilyoga.com, You can look at the quality of Cyril yoga classes in TripAdvisor reviews. I want to do my yoga retreat in 195 countries, and so far 23 countries have completed it.

Since I am a yogi and practise yoga, I am not allowed to collect money for free from anyone. Yoga says that whoever promises something should give them back something appropriate, that is the law of karma yoga.

You can send food online or you can send money as you wish. You can use this receipt in the future in my Yoga class. send money to advanced Yoga Booking or a gift for food for stray dogs.

I will complete my dream project one by one. I need your help and cooperation.

1. Dog Food: Poor stray dog food contribution has already started. Planning to expand in many different places.

2. I need to buy a new place to protect the dogs in a way that does not disturb anyone.

3. Hospital: A new veterinary hospital should be built and free services should be provided to all the animals that come there.

4. Workers: Doctors and staff should be appointed for the health care of dogs

5. Ambulance service: Wherever dogs are in danger, they can get a free ambulance service by calling a special number.

6. Immunization: Stray dogs should be identified and vaccinated.

7. Dog training: Train dogs in a way that is beneficial to humans.

8. Dog park- Organize all the dogs in the world in one place. Take the opportunity to learn and see about it

9. Dog food manufacturing- Make good nutritious food for dogs and sell them at a reasonable rate.

10. Expand —, my goal is to gradually expand this to the whole of India.

The cost — The project is worth about `40,00,000 United States dollars.. I started my work as soon as I received the funds.

How you can help with this project?

1. The fund can be given in full or in part by more than 1 percent. You’ll get to all yoga service in your full life free

2. Simply, you can transfer any number of funds to my bank account anywhere in the world. If you just inform me by email or WhatsApp, you can ask me a yoga class or yoga retreat worth the money you sent me, and I will give you it for free. Within five years from the sending date.

3. The Owner of the studio can organize Yoga Camp anywhere in the world. I will come and teach yoga. You can make it a fixed price for the classes, a minimum of 50 people. The cost of my class is one person, €30 for 2 hours

4. Yoga Studio can buy me a guest teacher class. The Studio can fix the amount to pay me.

5. Any person can organize my Yoga Camp anywhere in the world. You can fix your price, and you will get the benefit of total income from 20%

Also, I need some suggestions from everybody on how I can get the funds from any other way. I humbly request that everyone help me to complete my project.

My WhatsApp number:+919423889377. Email: [email protected] Before organizing any yoga camp, please check about the quality of Cyril Yoga class from TripAdvisor reviews,


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raised of $4,000,000.00 goal
0% Funded
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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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