Feed and educate 150 Children in Kenya for one Year

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Will you help Charles feed and educate 150 children of the Kibera slums for one school year?

Charles Olwaro is a man on a mission. For three years he has been

operating a makeshift school in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya. He

does this with the assistance of teachers and peers, as well as with

love. Lots of it!

It is unfortunate that schools

don’t run on love! Due to lack of funding this school constantly shuts

down. When the school closes, the children are left to fend for

themselves on the streets and Charles sets out to find work and money to

reopen. And the cycle repeats.

You can help! A little goes a long way in Kenya. Sponsor one child for $147 a year.

A quality education is our greatest hope for lifting these boys and

girls out of poverty and helping them become productive,

forward-thinking citizens and parents.

For more details on this project, please visit our Facebook page at:
Our Goal is To Feed and Educate 150 Children for One School Year!

This budget includes:
- Food (breakfast and lunch for 150 children) $4150 (Only $27.7 per child per year)
- Salaries for 8 teachers $960 (That’s $1440 a year per teacher!)
- Other (premise rent, toiletries, supplies) $150
Total: $5260

Additional Information Provided by Charles Olwaro:


is the largest slum in Africa with approximately 2 million people

comprised of almost all the 42 tribes in Kenya along with refugees from

other countries. This rapid increase in population has greatly reduced

our resources and increased the rate of poverty in the slums. The school

was started in 2015 with 51 pupils including 27 girls and 24 boys. Of

these children, 26 were orphans due to deadly diseases such as AIDS

while 20 came from single parent households, and 5 had both parents but

were addicted to drugs. We now have 150 children under our care.

The school started with myself (Charles Olwaro) as the only teacher and

administrator. We are using a hired hall (made of plywood) which we

divided into classrooms. The hall is located near the Kenya/Uganda

railway which is perilous to our children as the surrounding area is a

dumping site for garbage. We have numerous cases of waterborne diseases,

which affect our children on a daily basis, along with inhaling dirty

air from sewage and garbage.

In Kibera we have only 4 government schools, all filled to capacity. A single class has

approximately 100 pupils with only one teacher to attend to them. These

students at the government schools are the lucky ones whose parents are

working and earning adequate salaries. Orphans live hand-to-mouth and

they have nobody responsible for their education.

That is what inspired me to start a school since those orphans from humble

families also need access to education - our most powerful tool for the

eradication of poverty. In fact, I grew up in similar circumstances as

an orphan supported by a foreign volunteer who helped me accomplish my

own education. It is only right that I give back to my community with

the same type of help I received.

There is a lot of demand from the community whose members value our work with our 150

current children. With additional support we could do even more. For

now, our goal is to remain operational. We live day to day.

- Structurally safe school building which will reduce costs and give us confidence in having our own place. Current building is made of plywood and is flooded with water occasionally.
- Computer laboratory-computer access is extremely important for preparing our children for the future.
- Toilets
- Staff offices
- Kitchen

Desks/chairs/tables/shelves (each desk seats 3 small children or 2

adolescents. At this time, a few dozen children must stand or sit on the

- Food is needed; most of these children do not

have two meals per day and it is extremely difficult to teach a child

who is hungry.
- Teachers’ salaries - quality education requires good teachers
- Books

* In Kenya school terms run Jan-Mar, May-July, Sep-Nov

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