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AfricaFreeAid (AFA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose objectives are youth development and investment, women education and emancipation. Provision of better healthcare for the less-priviledged, children and pregnant women and provision of shelter for the destitute in our society.  

The goal of AFA is to develop the youths in Africa by helping them to see they can be all they want to be and achieve their aspirations. Educating our women not to see themselves as just mothers, but also nation builders, helping the poor by providing shelter for the destitute and raising funds to provide better healthcare for the poor in the following category: children, pregnant women and the sick. We aim to become the leading aid society in Africa by helping the less privileged to have a hope and a life. 

Family Support: Providing aid to the household structure builds a more robust society as the household is in the best position to contribute to the society. Family support includes services like schooling and counseling, household planning, childcare and healthcare. 

A scenarioAFA found a Yousuf, young boy of 9 years old who is supposed to be in school roaming about. He explained this is so because his parents cannot take care of his school needs including the fees. AFA followed him home to be sure Yousuf is not fooling around but Alas! This is true. Now AFA has taken full responsibility for Yousuf and he is back in school and happy. 

Another aspect is providing mothers with pre-natal care to reduce maternal mortality rates. Empowering women by making them realize they are not only child rearers but also nation builder. Also focusing on the fact that they can put an end to emotional abuse and be all they can be, and thrive in whatever they choose to be. 

A scenario: Anna got married and bore two children, a boy and a girl. The husband is a teacher, and caters for the family alone. Anna is a graduate but has not been able to secure a job. The husband is not happy he is the one doing it alone and as such has subjected Anna to emotional abuse over the years. He uses all sorts of abusive words on her and does not allow her to have access to money so that she won’t be able to start anything on her own. He goes to the market himself and once told her she is just getting too big for nothing. This might not sound bad but you need to be in Anna’s shoes to understand. Annas’s parents have been dead since she was a teenager, her older and younger ones are struggling on their own to become someone, so she has no body to talk to. 

She found Africafreeaid and spoke to us. This is yet another good example of where we come in. Help was rendered to Anna, She was able to start a trade that is now thriving. An AFA counselor visits Anna once in 2 months to see how she is progressing, and her husband’s attitude is changed now that Anna has a source of income.  AFA programs help families with children who have lifelong disadvantages and special needs. Help is rendered by providing treatment and a structured, nurturing environment where we can improve the lives of the individuals we serve.  

 It bothers AFA that there are lots of people at a disadvantage in Africa and no one seems to care. Recently, some hospitals in Niamey went on strike and as a result a lot of people died. They died simply because their families do not have other means. They can only afford to pay general hospital bills. 

 This is one of AFA’s greatest VISIONS in AFRICA. To have hospitals in various regions where the less privileged can be taken care of. AFA believes every sickness does not have to lead to death if this is taken care of. 

Youth Empowerment

The only way the problems of the past will not continue is if we do something different. It is our responsibility to step up to the task of change. We believe we can help through the help of willing individuals and support organization to empower our youths.

The Youths of Africa are the future of Africa. AFA want them to have a sense of belongingness to Africa. We believe they need support, both financially and emotionally to be leaders. Many youth in Africa tend to believe that they can only make it in life by coming to the western world. To counteract this false notion, we go into the schools, focusing on youth development. We organize seminars and workshop for students before they finish secondary school and University to show them alternative opportunities. We show them that the western world is not the only place that they can succeed. 

We empower African youth with the idea that they can be employers rather than just workers. We make sure they understand that they can view life from a new perspective ‘everyone cannot be white collar workers but some can be employers of people. And so therefore, proper preparation, education, and investment is what it takes, and that’s where we step in. By doing this, we offer the youth of Africa a chance to own their future. 

By saying investing in the youths, It means helping them start viable businesses so they can be an employer to another youth or citizen. They are trained on how to start their own business and also learn ways they can better contribute in whatever employment they choose.

Those who would rather have a job, but cannot get hired; receive counseling advice about how to get started in a trade, such as plumbing, carpentry, farming, hairdressing, tailoring, computer repair, trading etc. For example, we help the students who have finished school with their CV, helping them create an effective one, teaching them about what to expect at interviews, and training them on how to prepare for the interview process.

By giving youth the power to help themselves – by investing in them – we make a brighter future for everyone.

We help youths through various means, ranging from referral to word of mouth, application, and approaching those young kids that hawk on the street. We want to change the expectation of these youth from one of hopelessness and limited options to one of opportunity.

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