Farcore Tech . Help me keep the people and animals of south Africa safe

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This idea all started some years ago when our house was involved in an armed robbery when the criminal entered our house by shooting the glass door out with an Ak 47 wile my mom and dad was sleeping in front of the tv like another night. The bullets missed them by mm and everyone in the house was tied up on the floor with cable ties. The robbers started bagging up everything in the house but luckily, they didn’t know of my brothers’ room that was separate from the house and when he realized what was going on he called for help from the local farmers. Some time after that thy found my brother and he was tied up with the rest. The local farmers risk their lives to come to our aid and was able to scare of the robbers from the house.

After this I really hoped someone will do something about the crime in the area but even the police couldn’t do anything about it

The robbery’s keep on happening in our area and trough out Gauteng and most nights someone will call for help. farmers cattle, cars, trucks, tractors every ting is getting stolen and the local farmers have to put there lives on the line to protect their property’s police just never find anything related to the crimes

If you do a fast research, you will find multiple murders in south Africa where the families were brutally murder in their house. Farmers getting burned alive on their farms. this needs to stop someone need to do something about it.

Poacher killing our rhinos and elephants for their horns and tusks animals getting slaughtered just for their skin and the police just can’t track down the poacher.

How many more people must die in horrible ways?

how many more animals will get killed for their skin and horns?

I just had enough now of all this. this needs to stop now.

I have decided if the police are not going to do anything about this then I will

I might not be able to stop all but I can give the people a fighting chance by giving them the advantage

All of this led to the idea of my drone company where I can protect people and animals by giving them the support they need and help keep them safe.

We hope to save lives and preserve the life our animals

I give you the opportunity now to be part of something great to help me help save life’s

All I ask for is a small donation to help me start up my company as soon as possible

If we all stand together, we can change the world and preserve all the things we love and treasure

Pleas share this page

Thank you for your help I appreciate it

With my passion for designing and technology I interduce you to my company

Farcore tech

Goal: providing drone support and surveillance in air and land

Focused areas

  • Farmers
  • Game reserves
  • Police/local security
  • Fire department
  • construction

With drones we can do regular patrols over focused area and respond rapidly to any emergency calls and scare of any criminal in the area.

Game reserves

  • surveillance
  • unique operations


  • by using drones, we can provide support to game reserve keeping their game save from potential poachers especially at night with a thermal camera
  • help looking for any missing game
  • Doing patrols on a daily basis
  • aerial photos

unique operations

  • Game counting – using drones to count game for monthly tracking or for research purposes
  • Game darting – using drones to dart game for capturing, research or medical purposes
  • Making wild life videos

Police/local security

  • Search and rescue
  • Traffic collision reconstruction
  • Support in active shooter suspects.
  • Crime scene analysis
  • Surveillance
  • protesting control

Search and rescue

  • Using drone to help the local police and security for any search and rescue with thermal cameras drones and cover a large are in a short time and every second is a mater of life and death
  • withe the help of 3d mapping software investigators can easily create a 3d map/model of the crash site with accurate measurements of the whole area.
  • by using drone, the local police can scan an area before entering and can locate any armed suspects.
  • By using mini drones’ police can scan a whole building before entering to know exactly how many suspects are in side if they are armed.
  • Drones equipped with taser guns can help assist police in running suspects to give them the advantage in the field

Traffic collision reconstruction

Support in active shooter suspects

Crime scene analysis

  • by using 3d mapping police can map out the crime scene saving an 3d model of the whole area this enables the investigators to look over the crime scene multiple times looking for evidence thy might have missed.
  • when it comes to surveillance drones are top of the list due to their ability to scan a big area and can go under/over objects or follow any supposes subjects or cars.
  • With a facial recognition software drones can scan big crowds for any criminals hiding in the crowed. It can also be used to protect any government property to look for any unauthorized personnel that might be trying to enter the building


protesting control

  • With the new protest protection drones protest will be done in a nonviolent manner drones equipped with tasers, rubber bullets, tear gas
  • Thermal surveillance
  • Delivering supplies

Fire department

Thermal surveillance

  • Thermal cameras are a widely used tool in firer fighting and a drone equipped with a thermal camera is a very good tool to have agents fighting fires. Fire fighters will be able to see hot spots of the fire and also see any people who are still inside the smoke or effected area
  • Drones can deliver protective gear to people on top of burning buildings to help keep them alive until they are rescued.
  • Drones can also deliver any necessary medical supplies to areas block of by fire

Delivering supplies



  • 3d mapping is a great tool for big construction companies to have map out areas that are under construction to track progress and to do analyze to ensure that the construction is going as planed

Email: [email protected]

if you want to know more about the company pleas follow us on social media


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