Family Home and Business fire

Update posted by Joan McKinley On Sep 06, 2018

My cousin is in a band and next week they are performing. There will be good music. Please refer to the poster below.

If you are in the area, or if you can make it please go and check them out. Proceeds from this event will go towards helping my family in order to rebuild their home. It has been 3 weeks since their home burned down. Thank you all for your support!

"Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?"

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Update posted by Joan McKinley On Aug 23, 2018

It's been a little over a week since my family's home burned down. Meralco had taken pictures of the burned down home and they have yet to respond to the reported incident which I am not too happy about. I hope that something is done about this and may no one else's home be victimized.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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Update posted by Joan McKinley On Aug 21, 2018

In case you're wondering what the set goal is for the amount to be raised, we have not figured that out yet. All we know is that a new home needs to be rebuilt and new appliances are needed which is probably going to cost thousands upon thousands of Pesos. The estimation hasn't been calculated at this time.

Please continue to share this campaign. Your help and support is greatly appreciated! Any amount will do. If you wish to donate clothes, please message me directly and I will pass the message on to my cousins.

Thank you.


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Update posted by Joan McKinley On Aug 17, 2018

Below you will find a post by Jenielyn Bonifacio (my cousin), she posted this on her FB page. There are people spreading rumours and not getting their facts straight. If you have not yet read the post I copy and pasted here.

My relatives are upset and at a total loss, they lost everything! My Uncle worked hard to make sure his family had everything they would need to survive, all the basic necessities of life. Now they have NOTHING. We are grieving the loss of a home my Uncle had provided for his family and now it's all gone!!

The last time I went to visit my relatives was in 2005. I have fond memories of this home, I was there for 6 weeks. I spent a lot of my time here. We sang Karaoke, had a wedding, I met so many people, a lot of time was spent with family and friends at this very spot in this home. It's a very emotional time for everyone. We are asking for help, no matter how small it is at least it's something and it's better than nothing!

Be kind, support us, be our back bone during this difficult time.

Thank you for reading.



Since it’s going viral and SOME people are claiming that THEY WERE THE VICTIMS, let me speak the truth.

On August 15, around 11 a.m., our house was burned down due to a live wire of the Meralco post that struck the roof of our house.

Me and my mama were on the door when our breaker sparked. I was about to pull the breaker down but my mom told me, “‘Wag na baka makuryente ka pa lumabas na tayo,” so we ran outside. While running out, there was a loud BANG sound which we heard, and I saw sparks again. (It’s no biggie for me since THAT Meralco post’s transformer is ALWAYS exploding in which after that, there will be a black out. But it was different that day.)

We went to the store in front our house (Kay Ate Lory). A lot of people are coming out too. Denise, the daughter of our boarder, who has been alone in their home that time, ran out to the gate. Within seconds, I saw dark smoke rising from the roof of our boarder’s house (the middle one). We were shocked. My mom told me, “Hala si ate mo baka natutulog pa.” I was able to go back inside to call my sister to get out. I saw her at her house, standing at the door staring blankly at the fire. While shouting at her to get out, I, together with Denise, grabbed the water hose to clear the fire in their house, but unfortunately, there was NO WATER coming out. I told Denise to get out while I bravely entered my room to get stuff. My room was already filled with dark smoke (imagine the lava coming out from the crater of a volcano; that’s what I witnessed while I was in my room, panicking). I grabbed my phones and laptop, also my documents, but unfortunately the latter fell off of my hand.

Three neighbors were waiting for me outside the door, telling me to get out. I was shouting at them to help me with my stuff but they told me that fire was already spreading so we must get out. We went outside. It was so fast. My heart was jumping. My world stopped as I saw our house burning down. Memories flashed back. My father’s dream and the only inheritance he left for us were gone.

A lot of firetrucks came. The road was already filled with them, and people were on their phones capturing the event. My brothers and sisters-in-law came from their respective works. Our friends and relatives came by too to comfort us. Also, our neighbor’s house (Ate Belinda) were also affected. We are the only families that was victimized by the event. Thank God nothing happened to the rest of our neighbors. Now that’s the REAL story. Just US.

Life update: We are okay. Mama, ate, Denise and I were okay physically. My family is currently staying at my sister-in-law’s mom’s place. The traumatic event is still in our heads but, God is still good. We survived and are all safe. I know that God has big plans for us who were affected.

Friends, relatives, Colleagues, let me ask you a favor. We don’t have anything but ourselves. We lost everything, every a single cent. I’m asking for your help to help our family to move forward by donating any amount. It doesn’t matter how much it is, we are and will always be grateful for the donations.

BPI Account number: # (please refer to main funding page for the correct account information) Jackielyn Bonifacio or you can also check this link

Thank you so much for all the prayers and help. Thank you for reading up to this point. God bless you all."

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Update posted by Joan McKinley On Aug 16, 2018

Report your complaints to Meralco especially if you or your loved ones were affected by this unfortunate fire.

If you have clothes you can donate that would be greatly appreciated. My relatives only had the clothes on their backs when this fire started.

Thanks again for supporting my relatives and sharing this campaign amongst your friends and family. It means a lot!


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