Extend Our Mommy Rose’s Life

Update posted by Erika Miranda On Jul 03, 2017

Mommy Rose’s temperature reached as high as 42 degrees Celsius last night, which is why she hasn’t been responsive all day today. Medical personnel tried to get her to react to pain but didn’t even wince—a sign that her condition is deteriorating. This may be why she hasn’t been responsive all day.

Thankfully, her temperature gradually cooled down to barely 38 degrees although she still hasn’t opened her eyes or made any reactions when we tried to wake her up. Aside from her temperature, vitals (pulse, oxygenation, blood pressure) remained at normal range all day.

However, we are now preparing for the inevitable because the medical personnel already asked if we want her intubated and transferred to the ICU when her blood oxygenation level dropped below 70.

Despite that, we declined in accordance to Mommy Rose’s wishes. When she was still strong enough to talk, she told us that doesn’t want tubes and machines attached to her. She also does not wish to be resuscitated which is why we signed a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) waiver if in case she drifted away. Our family has agreed on it too because we know that CPR would only be detrimental for her body and would cause more damage in the future.

To be honest, we have already discussed the possibility of Mommy Rose’s passing and are gradually working on letting go. She has already done so much for us. She dedicated half of her life for this family.

Of course, as long as she is fighting, we will still keep holding on. We won’t let go unless she is ready to go.

With that said, we want to send our thanks to all those who shared their love through their own special way—be it through blood donation, financial support, and prayers.

You can still help. To donate, simply:

*Deposit any amount to BPI Savings:

Account Name: Jose Daniel Miranda

Account Number: 9989-1102-73

*Send it via PayPal/Payoneer to: [email protected]

*Click on the "Donate" link to donate via gogetfunding.com

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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Jun 30, 2017

As of this morning, Mommy Rose will be under the care of a pain management expert. The specialist, who was referred to us by her hematologist, happened to be Mommy’s student from when she was still teaching.

It’s a small world indeed.

Mommy Rose’s sister, who is also a retired nurse, told us that since her leukemia doesn’t seem to be going away, it would be best if we put her under the most comfortable circumstance possible. She said since her sister’s condition appears to be terminal, she should at least be eased of the pain that goes with it.

This was after we told her siblings her complaints about so many people making so much fuss over her hospitalization. You see, Mommy Rose is a very private person. Despite that, she agreed that we post updates about her condition if only to gain support from as many people as possible. That’s just how she is. So selfless to the point of sacrificing what she wants to help her family in making her better.

You can still extend a helping hand. You can also help too. To donate, simply:

*Deposit any amount to BPI Savings:

Account Name: Jose Daniel Miranda

Account Number: 9989-1102-73

*Send it via PayPal/Payoneer to: [email protected]

*Click on this link to donate via gogetfunding.com

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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Jun 29, 2017

Last night, our family went through a whirlwind of emotions. Nurses and caregivers flocked Mommy Rose’s room because her vitals—particularly her oxygenation level—dropped to critical levels. One of them said she may need to be transferred to the ICU for better oxygenation and reported the development to her doctor.

But just as her children rushed to get to her bedside to see how she is doing and be with her before the dreaded may happen, her face lit up. Just as her grandson, Marcus, was sending her lots of flying kisses before they part, she opened her eyes.

After that, her condition was better. Vitals were at normal levels again.

Her siblings, who are currently residing in the U.S., initiated a video conference over social media channels and spoke to her when something unexpected happened.

Mommy Rose smiled.

After nearly a week of looking glum, she finally graced us with her most pleasant smile. A smile that will be etched in our minds and in our hearts forever.

With light hearts, we thank all of our relatives and friends who never failed to support us through this troubled time. We would also like to extend our gratitude to everyone who shared their blessings, their blood, and their prayers just so we can spend more time with Mommy Rose.

You can also help too. To donate, simply:

*Deposit any amount to BPI Savings:

Account Name: Jose Daniel Miranda

Account Number: 9989-1102-73

*Send it via PayPal/Payoneer to: [email protected]

*Click on this link to donate via gogetfunding.com

Thanks and God bless!

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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Jun 28, 2017

We have varying definitions of the phrase “the greatest love of all,” but ours seem to become sadder as days pass. You see, Mommy Rose was not only the light of the house—she has always been the strength of our family. And her condition right now is not good. We are now gathering our strength for the inevitable. Mommy Rose is still fighting but with all the complications, it is more painful to see her suffer.

For the past days, we saw the gradual improvement of her health. While we know it is temporary, we still see signs that the transfusion and medications are helping her regain her strength. More than that, we know that her faith and the love she is getting from all our friends, family, and even from strangers make her better, one way or another.

From being unable to speak and move on her first day at the hospital, she can now sit with support and chat with her visitors with a soft voice. Her color also improved from being very pale. She has swelling on her forehead which we suspect to be facial cellulitis and is still suffering from joint pain to the point of needing tramadol—a strong pain killer known to be used by bone cancer patients. Despite that, she tries to stay awake whenever she can, if only to see her family surround her.

But despite the smiles we put on when she can see us, sadness is still looming in our hearts especially after the doctor advised us to ask a priest to prepare her spiritually for what is to come. We worry that she might be taken from us too soon despite all our efforts in ridding her of her illness. We also worry that she might feel more pain now that the cancer has seemingly spread to her brain. But most of all, we worry that she will sacrifice peace if only to give us happiness.

As the mother either by blood or by law, she has always been and will always be cherished. As a grandmother, she will always be remembered no matter what. And as a wife, her name and face will be engraved in a heart and soul of a man that never faltered to love her through sickness and in health.

Thank you for all your support and prayers through this tough time. You can still help by clicking the donate button.

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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Jun 24, 2017

It’s been a while since our last update on Mommy Rustica “Rose” Miranda’s condition but there is a reason for that. She has temporarily lost the will to live.

Catching up for the months that we haven’t been able to post online, we have gathered our thoughts and are now striving to ensure that the money donated for her recovery achieves its purpose.

You see, our family decided that she undergo alternative medicine ever since we learned about her illness. She also agreed to that matter, thinking that it would be better than chemotherapy, which we believed would be more detrimental to her condition than beneficial.

For the first weeks since she began drinking herbs and concoctions from an alternative medicine hospital in Victoria, Tarlac, she was better. Not only does she look healthier physically, she also felt so.

But as the time goes by, we realized that every drink is a struggle for her after some of us started tasting what she had been drinking all this time. Aside from that, there are also some adverse effects to drinking these herbal medicines including gut-wrenching diarrhea. While it is part of the cleansing and treatment process the alternative medicine delivers, it still pains us to see her feeling nauseous and suffering from loose bowel every single day.

Still, we want her to get better which is why we finally convinced her to undergo full treatment at the facility in Tarlac for at least two weeks—a procedure that will ensure that she finally takes all her herbal medicines in the right amount and frequency—thereby, making our hopes to give her a longer life a reality.

Unfortunately, the past months have rendered us financially less capable to send her there since there have been several instances when she had to undergo several blood transfusions due to low blood count. Standard tests were also conducted to make sure that she survives the process.

At this very moment, she is in the hospital because of severely low platelet count that caused her immune system to fail. Feeling very weak, she is suffering fever, nausea, and weakness. She is also unable to keep any food or drink down.

The donations we received from the first quarter of 2017 were very helpful in covering the hospital bills and the cost of blood screenings that was needed every time her blood count drops. Unfortunately, it is still not enough to send her on a full blast treatment.

Because of this, we are seeking for your financial aid yet again to cover what we hope is the final length of treatment to finally get rid of Mommy Rose’s leukemia. This time, most of the proceeds we collect will go to her two-week hospitalization at the alternative medicine facility in Tarlac which costs approximately PHP150,000. Of course, we will have to use some of it for their current hospitalization as her all PhilHealth coverage for the year is already used up.

Again, we are very much grateful to those who initially helped us extend Mommy Rose’s life. We are hoping that you would go on that journey with us again, this time, finally overcoming this obstacle that we know we can handle with all your help.

To donate, simply:

  • Deposit any amount to this BPI Savings account: Name: Jose Daniel Miranda Number: 9989-1102-73
  • Send the money via PayPal/Payoneer to [email protected]
  • Click on this link to donate via gogetfunding.com
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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Apr 07, 2017

Mommy Rose is now feeling better—enough to be able to spend time with her grandchildren.

Marcus, the youngest of the Valerio-Miranda grandchildren, misses her the most. Before she was diagnosed with AML, Mommy Rose is one of Marcus’s favourite playmates. While she remains weak from the cellulitis infection on her left leg, Mommy Rose strives to be present whenever Marcus and the other Miranda kids want to be with them.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of people who want to help make Mommy Rose be better as financial support from colleagues—both present and past—continue to flow. Together with prayers from family and friends, our hopes are lifted that our beloved Mommy Rose will win her battle against acute myeloid leukemia and enjoy more precious moments with her family.

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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Mar 29, 2017

Mommy Rose is at home where we, her family, are able to keep a close eye on her. While she isn’t as weak as she was when she was at the hospital, she remains bedridden because of their swollen leg. That particular part of their body is infected with bacteria that cause cellulitis.

According to the doctor who took care of her and ordered their discharge from the hospital, cellulitis is bound to take hold of Mommy Rose since she has leukemia. He also said that the bacterial infection usually lasts 12 days to two weeks but can be treated at home with oral antibiotics.

Recently, our Mommy Rose often forgets things especially those in the short-term. She also sometimes slips into a memory gap where she often mumbles about things in the past, thinking it is the present. This is quite worrisome for us since we aren’t used to her being forgetful but the doctor assured us that this is normal for their condition especially after they had a high fever due to cellulitis.

Although we are a big family, having Mommy Rose out of commission seems to take majority of our overall energy and happiness which is why we are very grateful for those who extended their help to us be it through medical assistance, financial aid, and moral support. Your help and prayers are golden.

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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Mar 27, 2017

Mommy Rose is finally home!

According to official diagnosis, our Mommy Rose suffered from cellulitis, a bacterial infection that causes swelling of the affected part of the body. Other symptoms include hot and tender skin as well as fever. Although her body remains swollen from the illness, her condition has improved significantly. After spending 5 long and incredibly stressful days in the hospital, Mommy Rose is now finally at the comforts of our home.

But while this small ray of hope serves as our beacon for the days to come, our family is still struggling to keep Mommy Rose healthy. Her battle with cancer has significantly affected our way of living but we’re not complaining because it is during these times that we realize the identities of the people we can count on. Colleagues, estranged relatives, former students (Mommy Rose and Daddy Dan are both educators) and even strangers who extended their help to aid us in getting through this crisis. People who owe us nothing but chose to become bearers of God’s loving grace. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.
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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Mar 24, 2017

Day 2 in the hospital and Mommy Rose can finally sit up. Although they still cannot change positions as easily as before, our Mommy Rose can now sit up straight with aid from her little helpers. I believe that aside from the blood and medications, this development is all thanks to the prayers for her recovery.

Before receiving the bag of blood from the handsome young man who donated his blood yesterday, March 22, Mommy Rose was able to gain enough energy to speak and sit up. They can also keep food down better now except for the occasional nausea that might still be due to the lack of RBC in their blood stream. As far as we can tell, she is already feeling a lot better so much so that she was able to entertain guests.

Last night, she received a second bag of blood from one of her former students at the Dagupan City National High School.

Ms. Maki also offered her prayers for our mommy and the rest of our family to muster strength to get through this difficult time.

We are also getting closer to the target fund amount as our plea to extend Mommy Rose’s life goes viral all over our locality. On top of the donations we got over PayPal, personal financial help were also given to our family by good Samaritans who wish to remain anonymous. Even so, our family would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for all your help. May the good Lord bless your kind hearts.

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Update posted by Erika Miranda On Mar 22, 2017

Today, we experienced something any loving family fear most—losing someone we love. Our beloved Mommy Rose had been doing great for the past six weeks since she began undergoing naturopathy. Her face had more color in it and she became more energetic to the point that she felt she had enough energy to return to her favorite hobby: gardening.

But our happiness was short-lived as Mommy Rose suddenly fell ill. While we already know the underlying cause why she suddenly experienced fever and nausea, we weren’t really prepared to see her as weak as she is right now.

According to her naturopathic doctor, this is just a reaction to the change in dosage of her treatment. The doctor strongly suggested that we DO NOT give her synthetic medicine which also means rushing her to the ER was not an option. But after witnessing Mommy Rose’s condition, we opted to inform the doctor that she will be admitted as she is having a very hard time keeping food time which means her body lacks the nourishment it needs to fight the cancer.

To our relief, the naturopathy doctor agreed on the condition that the hospital should be informed of the alternative treatment she is undergoing. And so Mommy Rose was admitted to the hospital where medications were given to her via IV as she still cannot swallow.

We also looked for blood donors to help increase her RBC count. Thankfully, there are a lot of good Samaritans- such lovely people- around who are willing to shed blood for other people. Here’s one of them:

As of today, Mommy Rose remains weak as she has only been strapped with dextrose for nearly 12 hours. We are hoping to get good news by tomorrow.
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