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Update posted by Angie Gourlay On Aug 04, 2015

I got a text two days ago, this guy was worried about not being able to sell his 3 month sugar glider males because (as he told me) he had recieved a call and a visit from the police and left him with a warning: If he doesn't take the ads down from the internet he will be fined and animals will be confiscated. He was desperately trying to re-home them and since nobody was interested he asked me to take them in, free of charge (they are quite expensive here).

So... I have 2 sugar glider males, 3 months old and super sweet! One of them is a bit less social than the other and will screach if he doesn't feel like being picked up. I am taking them with me everywhere in my sugar glider travel bag, so I can socialize them a bit, and teach them that humans are good! hahaha I feel sorry for them, they are obviously animals who should be living in the wild, not in a cage. So my goal is to find a suitable home where they will be able to provide a large living space so they can live as happy as they can in captivity :)

Look at that sweet little face!!!

There they are in their transport sugar glider bag, it has a mesh opening so they can see and breathe properly.

They are very tame, I can pick them up fine :D

Me having fun with the little ones! I had them loose in a sugar glider proof room, they were so fun to watch play and glide. They really enjoyed jumping on me (and getting tangled in my hair)!

You can see their body is about the size of my hand, not counting the tail, which is super long and fluffy!

I wish I could keep them. I think they are wonderful and deserve a happier life. I hope someone good enough for them shows up :) Until then, I will spoil them with treats and let them loose as much as I can!



Angie Gourlay

Update posted by Oct 16


Hi! It is showing that you are based in Mallorca!? Is that right!?

Abi Amos

Update posted by Oct 10

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Update posted by Angie Gourlay On Aug 04, 2015
Oliver is at the vet, he just got his weekly treatment done. He has improved a lot! The mange is almost gone, it is only afecting certain areas now and he has some wounds from scratching. Once his hair grows back, he will be a beautiful guinea pig!

He looks so much better! Almost there!

The most affected area was around his eyes, which are looking good so far!

He has also gained some weight!
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Update posted by Angie Gourlay On Aug 03, 2015

This time last year I recieved a call from someone in the city of Palma, that they found a cage next to a dumpster with 7 guinea pigs with no shelter, food or water. I was furious to hear that, it was really hot that day. People can be so cruel sometimes... so I drove over to pick them up, the girl who called was really nice and waited for me to come and told me that she thinks they belonged to a family that lived in the building in front of the dumpster because she heard guinea pig squeals.

I was really mad about the situation and decided to pay them a visit, a women opened the door and I tried my best to politely inquire about their guinea pigs and if by any chance, the ones abandoned were once their pets. She started to cry and her sons came to the door. They let me in and showed me another 3 cages with 5 male guinea pigs and a bunny. They told me that they "accidently" bred their guinea pigs too much and ended up with too many animals and had to get rid of some. So they left all the female guinea pigs in a cage outside (they denied that they left them next to the dumpster). I gave them "the talk" and I didn't leave until I was sure they would be able to care properly for the animals they had. They were in large cages, and seemed to be in good health. So I felt a bit better for the animals in the house. But I wasn't too pleased about the ones they abandoned. I gave them my number just in case they had the need to abandon anything.

So now we had a Guinea pig madness at home!

I had to have them loose in the play room since cages were too small to house them all and they were used to living together.

This one was the youngest of the group. Probably about 6-8 months. She was adopted 2 days later :D

This one was about a year old, she was adopted 2 days later along with the other young girl. I was happy they left together!

She was one of the older ones, also the mother of some of the males the family had. She was adopted a few weeks later with other 2 females.

This one also was quite old (2-3 years), she was the mother of the little white one. She was adopted with other 2 females a few weeks later.

This is the other female that was adopted with the other 2, she was about a year old too.

One of them was pregnant and gave birth at home. The baby in the middle died 2 days later from breathing problems. The rest were healthy and beautiful girls. They stayed for 3 months until I found someone who took them all together with the mother.

And this is Frou Frou, who stayed home and currently shares a play pen with Elizabeth, our rescue bunny.

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Update posted by Angie Gourlay On Aug 03, 2015

The abandoned bunny is now happily re-homed to a permanent and responsible home! She is sharing a massive play pen with a very sweet guinea pig! The owner was happy to follow the specific diet I recommended, to get some weight on the bunny and will send me updates and pictures of her occasionally.

We have found the previous owner and we are hoping to see if the police will take this case of the abandoned bunny as animal cruelty. These animals need justice too!

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Update posted by Angie Gourlay On Jul 29, 2015

This bunny was found in the street, the owner left her in the street and disappeared. Some people saw his features and some witnesses claim to know him. We are trying to track him down while I gather enough evidence of animal abuse to prepare a case against him if we find him. There are plenty of places you can surrender a bunny to, abandoning the animal in the streets is considered animal cruelty. On top of that I find the bunny quite skinny, maybe not skinny enough to also hold it against the owner, but skinny enough to prove that it has either had a terrible diet or has been fed at irregular intervals (once every 2 or so days). She now has been fed some proper diet and is ready to be adopted!

We found this cage next to a dumpster where she was abandoned with the dirty litter and no food, you could tell it belonged to a rabbit and we believed it was her cage. I bought her a water bottle, food and a food bowl.

She is gorgeous and super sweet, she likes people and often asks for attention ^-^

I use our other rescue bunny, Elizabeth, as a reference. She is healthy and at an ideal weight for a rabbit of her size. You can see a large difference in body mass, specially in the behind, healthy domestic bunnies shouldn't look like that.

Here's a video of the bunny when I first let her out, you can see she has a square butt, sign of being underweight and can see her pelvic structure:


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Update posted by Angie Gourlay On Jul 28, 2015

Last week I was told that they were going to fumigate a hotel close to where I live, where there was a mother cat with her kittens living in the maintenance areas of the hotel. They were not planning on removing the animals from there before fumigating, hoping they could "kill two birds with one stone". I found that utterly barbaric and whent to the hotel to offer myself to help remove the cats before they fumigate the hotel. The staff were like "yeah whatever, you have until monday" so I rushed to the local shelter to hire a cage to trap the mother in it and then just take the babies. So I set it up, with some fresh tuna as bait and left. When I arrived the next day, I found the trap closed, but no cat and no tuna. I rushed up to reception and all they told me was that the cat wouldn't shut up so they let her out because the clients were getting annoyed. The good news was that the trap experience must have scared her since she left and took her babies with her. All except one. This little kitten was crying away in a corner of the spa heating system room. I left him there to see if the mother would come back for him. After two days of going to check if the mother took the kitten, I decided to take him home since he was starving and there was no more reports of seing the mother or any of the kittens anywhere in the hotel. I had kitten milk at home, since he was so small, that is all I could give him. Now he has bottles and baby cat food. His name is Domino and he is currently up for adoption!

She's stunning!!

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Update posted by Angie Gourlay On Jul 27, 2015

Yesterday I got a call from someone who found a Guinea pig in a box next to a dumpster and were not able to care for it. So I drove over to take the guinea pig home, and when I got there I could clearly see the poor animal was very thin and COVERED in mange. So I drove to the emergency vet to get treatment for the little guy. Its so sad, he's not even a year old and already is a mess! I payed for the treatment and have to go back once a week for treatment until he gets better. I named him Oliver, and he is super sweet! He has sarcoptic mange, which is very serious and can transfer to humans. So I have him in the quarentine room until he gets better, and I have to use special products, gloves and clothing to handle him so that I don't get infected or transfer it to the other animals too!

Oliver in his new cage at the vet's

You can tell how severe his case is.

Around his eye is most affected and painful area.

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