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Hi everyone,

We need your help to save my Dad! He is fighting against cancer of the intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys, and pancreas. But there is STILL hope. Help us to reach the goal, please!


The name of my Dad is Juan Bruno Santamaria. Unfortunately, in the month of August we had to see the doctor for alleged "gastritis". That month was the one that changed our lives in all aspects, not only my Dad's, but the whole family and surroundings; He was diagnosed with bowel cancer (specifically in the ileum), with metastases in the liver and kidneys.

When you are healthy and yours are also healthy, you never realize how lucky you are to wake up without worries like, will we continue together in a month? Will the man who always call you "little darling" recover? What would happen if he leaves? One of the points that I always say is that you need to enjoy every moment with your family, and people always think that nothing will happen to them, and that they will reach old age without any problems. However, life can all of a sudden become very tough with the challenges that it puts you through.

Since September, we have used our entire life savings with the hope of finding the cure for the cancer: healthy diet, doctors, and medicines. We would not hesitate a minute to pay everything that we have to cure my Dad.

Over the months, we had a fight with the insurance company, because at first they rejected the idea of giving vaccines as a cancer treatment, and they simply did not want to pay for the vaccines for my Dad. As we did not see changes in the insurance and the studies / appointments were now delayed for up to 1 or 2 months away from the original scheduled date, we had to visit an Oncologist right here in the Port of Veracruz in the month of December. We then had to pay for the appointment and the injection of 120 mL of Somatuline or 40 mL of Octreotide, with a cost of $30,000 pesos out of our own pocket, even though in January the insurance could start to be applied for this treatment. But we couldn't take the chance to wait any longer, as the cancer was spreading.

What changes have there been since then? My Dad has only lost weight, stopped eating, vomited more, went to the bathroom less or with pure diarrhea. However, he has always been very positive above all, despite the adversities, he continued to work, giving his best; together with my mom who gives everything of her being so that he is well (I swear they are my example to follow and my daily motivation).

In the month of June he got the tomography of the progress he has had since then, and the results were not favorable. In their studies they found an increase in the size of the tumor, but now with other metastases in the lungs and ramifications towards the pancreas. We had changed our lives before and tried to stay positive, but right now this news removed much of the positive attitude that we had before. Since that day, everything has gotten worse, the mood at home was very bad, and my Dad had definitely stopped walking, and all day he now spends his time with barely any spirit left. He cannot work, he cannot make any kind of effort, he has lost weight down to 48kg with a height of 1.75 meters. Less than a week ago he was hospitalized because it turned out that his stomach and ileum had already been blocked by the tumor.

Nobody wants to be negative, but the insurance and doctors have not told us anything, but as I said, the studies have not been favorable.

We then found a solution, an excellent solution! Days after the hospital visit (specifically on Thursday, June 20), we traveled to Córdoba with the Oncologist Cabrera, which has given us hope.


My father is a very humble person, who has always given everything for his family, an example to follow, and the adversities that have happened to him before (before the cancer) have made him stronger. He is 54 years old, a marine biologist (although he is currently working in the sales area). We live in the port of Veracruz, my brother is still studying and my mother is a housewife; while I, Mara Santamaría, am a Journalist and work as a marketing manager.

The main image is of our family, that photo was taken on January 31, when we already knew about the disease, however, my Dad did not look as bad and thin as he does now.

Inside the gallery I have attached a Christmas photo from 2017, and you will see the difference. I have also attached a video of us singing from a month and a few days ago – where he could still walk 100%, even sing, and where his semblance was totally different. Finally I have attached photos from these last two weeks when they had to take him to the Emergency Insurance, when he would get dizzy in seconds and he had to sit on the floor, and while he rests due to his illness. You can also see his extreme thinness due to the difficulty that the he has with eating because of the obstructions and vomit. I also have included a study done by the insurance on May 25.

I gave the task to my Dad to make a video, explaining how he feels, what it would mean for him the opportunity to stay alive, so that everyone can see it.

At the moment, my Dad does not work, his salary is based on commission, however, he only receives the base pay because he cannot work. At the moment I am also giving a large portion of my own salary to my parent's household without any complaint, because I want to find a solution for my Dad's health and treatment

How will I use the money that I receive from donations?

We have found Dr. Cabrera, who has his office in the city of Cordoba, he is an Oncologist and specializes in Immunotherapy treatment, besides being one of the founders of HYFU (a new system that helps tumors to disappear fast). I invite you to read about the Doctor, and as I said, on June 20, we traveled to Córdoba with the help of an uncle (since my dad can not drive) to an appointment with him.

It gave us hope! Because his treatment can cure my Dad's cancer despite how advanced it is. Unfortunately the treatment has a cost of $75,000 ($1,200,000 pesos), an amount that we do not have even by selling all of our goods. Similarly, for years he will have to continue each month with a treatment of $8,000 pesos per month (That's why we are asking for a little more than just the treatment, however, EVERYTHING will be shown).

The treatment consists of hospitalization for a full month, where they will apply via catheter, in an intravenous and subcutaneous manner, Immunotherapy treatments of German quality. In the same way, treatments like NK Cells (Natural Killers), Dendritic Cells, Vitamin B17, Ozone, Bicarbonate, and Orthomolecular Intregrative oncology drugs.

All of the budget raised will go 100% for the treatment to save him. Nothing will stay with us.

The important thing is to have him with us all of the time. I want him to meet his grandchildren, I want him to continue living, to enjoy life; it's just something he now says, "I want to live!" And as a daughter (in the same way my mom sees it), his health is always first, despite our economic problems.

As I mentioned, I am his daughter, Mara Santamaría, I am 25 years old and in spite of everything, I am still quite positive. I just hope that I can raise enough money for my Dad's treatment.

He is my example to follow in life and also my guide in every step, along with my Mom. I have grown up in an environment of love, respect, and in spite of economic problems, I always see my parents strong in the face of any problem.

Why do I dare to do this campaign? With the help of my friends and family, we will try to reach the financial goal. I know that it is a large amount of money, but our desire and the opportunity with this website to be able to achieve the goal, is much bigger than any amount. It is my Dad's final opportunity for a new chance at life, as well as with everyone in my family.

Besides, with my little savings, I will start a small business, where everything that is collected goes to his illness.

I know that a long road still awaits us, but whatever the problems may be, I would give everything to to keep the four of us together (Mom, Dad, my brother, and me).

In addition, we are currently living in a completely different home environment, full of anguish and sadness, so I have requested support in the DIF for both of my parents to be taken care of by a Psychologist. Both are in a state of depression, and as a daughter, I have the task of helping them with everything that I can.

I wish with all my heart to be able to save him, and I hope that with your help it will be achieved! Who would not give everything to see their parents happy and healthy? So here I am looking for any help that I can get for my family, and I'll continue finding ways to raise money.

Thank you wholeheartedly for your support and generosity!!



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  • Everybody with Juan Bruno!



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