Escape Room at Gorwelion

We are planning to create an Escape Room at Gorwelion. Gorwelion is the centre my husband and I run in rural North Wales on the outskirts of Bala, with architect designed buildings overlooking our fields and hills. We use the buildings for all sorts of events for locals and tourists alike. Local groups use them for yoga or craft workshops and we have a gift shop and a Soft Play Barn. The main income is the cafe and we are proud of the home cooked meals and cakes we serve and the use of local, excellent quality produce and are looking to expand the business. Including an Escape Room at Gorwelion will widen our appeal to a larger audience and will suit all age groups. We also believe that it will bring more people to the area who may not have visited our lovely town and surrounding countryside before. I have included pictures of Gorwelion but also a link to clips from a series on BBC1 Wales that we featured in as a family. This was aired in 2012 and might give you a better idea of who we are and what we do, it mainly shows us at home and in the garden we built and open to the public. We have been open here for less than four years and have more and more functions and events every year. We host lots of children’s parties and cater for groups for any number of reasons but this Escape Room … Continue reading Escape Room at Gorwelion