Erinn’s South East Asia Volunteering Trip

Update posted by Erinn Prentice On Sep 20, 2016

Massive thank you to every single person who donated to this fantastic cause. Having spent 3 weeks in a rural school just outside the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh, I am now very aware of how much these donations were appreciated by the staff and the children.

With the money donated on this page we were able to buy so much for SBB2.

100 jotters (one per student)
20 notebooks
36 whiteboard Pens
5 whiteboard rubbers
3 whiteboard refil inks
Approx 200 pens
10 rubbers
25 rulers
8 glue sticks
10 tippex pens
500 staples
6 packs of coloured paper
72 coloured pencils
1 English-Khmer dictionary
Transport flash cards
Animal flash cards
A body chart poster
3 academic clocks to help teach the time
An alphabet poster
Several books
3 calender posters
A fish poster
Insane amounts of stickers
8 balls for the playground

The staff were so happy to receive all the new teaching materials they could use and the kids spent hours and hours playing with the ball and giving each other stickers! We had the most rewarding time teaching at SBB2 and if you are interested you can read about the project on this link:

(It is a dutch website as the project is dutch.)

Thank you all again so much for your generosity!

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Proud of you X

Grandma/Granda Skene

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Orla Prentice

Backed with £10.00 On Feb 06, 2016


Ross MacKenzie

Backed with £5.00 On Feb 04, 2016


Good luck and have an amazing time :))))))

Brogan Gauld

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Carol Taylor

Backed with £20.00 On Jan 05, 2016


Well done Erinn - go for it!


Backed with £40.00 On Dec 05, 2015


Go for it Erinn

Alfred Prentice

Backed with £30.00 On Dec 04, 2015


Good Luck

Ronnie Milne

Backed with £25.00 On Dec 03, 2015


Great idea, hope this helps, though I'll be interested to hear the proliferation of Aberdonian accents among the Vietnamese next time we visit ;)

Nicky Bramley

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Just making it fair xo

Maxine Kerr

Backed with £2.00 On Dec 02, 2015

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