Ehrenberger’s Be Tripping

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Ehrenberger's Be Tripping

It started off in 2019. We were part of the great trek from South Africa to the Republic of Ireland. Start a fresh in a new country, new cultures, new everything. Search for the dream of success in a first world country. Small enough to cope but big enough to travel the EU.

* Jeannette renew's her SA & EU passport - DONE

* Bepe must apply for his EU passport - DONE (4th June Passport collected)

* Rocky (our little mix killer terrior) also needs his EU paperwork... for real?... yes... IDEXX form confirming that he is up to date and can enter EU countries - DONE

* Sell J&B Green Guys pty ltd - DONE

* Resign from my 14 year job - DONE

* List house on the market - DONE

* Sell everything - DONE

* Departure date - DONE, 28th April 2020.

* Sell go go green golf - Ahhh that took a while before it was DONE...

Ahhhh but wait.... COVID-19.... you son of a bitch.... global economy F@CKED... job opportunity in R.O.I F@CKED.... everything F@CKED. Well done Asia.... Ci_iNTS!!

BBC news, Europe in LOCKDOWN!! Borders CLOSED.. NO ENTRY!!! It was only a matter of time before SA would force the same lockdown. The Irish dream now fizzles away like eno's. Huge white fluffy fizz cloud gone, and all that's left is funky tasting water.

Now what? Now we look local.

House sold - aaaah sh!t

No jobs - aaaah sh!t

Luxuries sold - aaaaaaaah sh!t

Sitting on the veranda, we do the pro's and con's list... The obvious conclusion, Ireland will just have to wait. Take a year - stay where you know...

Whiskey coffee? - YES PLEASE!

Take out "The New Southern Africa Book of the Road"- Dated 1992.... PMSL, OK lets do this.

Where do we start? *-*Busy paging through book. Road signs, first aid, bugs, eeek spiders*-*

"Key to touring Maps" - aaaaaaaaaa - Ok we can do this....

*-* Whiskey coffee lands on the table at just the right time *-*

Johannesburg - Swaziland - Durban - East London - Port Elizabeth - Cape Town - Namibia. Do we want to go into MOZ? Have no clue - we wing it.

*-* Finds Sunnyridge suburb, notice O.R.Tambo is still Jan Smutts Airport.... damn this book is old... LOL*-*

We need a 4X4 to do this, and maybe a trailer? Whats the distance from Kosi Bay to Namibia? 2798kms.../ 12 months = 200km per month... Okie dokie.... This should be fun. I keep thinking how the f@ck is Rocky going to manage this? Will he understand what we are doing? The why... It occurs to me.. Jeannette, are you thinking this because you don't have a clue? Either way, its happening... and a part of me is convinced that Rocky is gonna be the next "Jock of the bushveld" with a few cuddles in between.

The question that we face "Have you planned your trip" What you mean? Like the 'route'..? Yeah, from Kosi Bay to Namibia.. If you asking for the DETAILED route, yes, Joburg to Ermalo - Amsterdam - Piet Retief - Pongola - Casa Mia - Kosi Bay... brrrrrrupt to Namibia. Maybe go as far in a Stellemboch, and then Namibia? Meh we will see when we get that far.. Remember guys its only 200km a month that we have to traval.

Does it freek me out that we haven't 'PLANNED'the route to memory, yes... but then whats the point of the adventure? Gawd i feel like this is my 'Dear Diary'

Safety? aaaah fo sho... Eventually googled the top car tracking services. Each one emailed and now we wait for the best quotes.

What's the idea behind this adventure? Tour SA before we immigrate.

Why? Why not, before we add our names to the list of people that's left SA, i would like to KNOW my country. Of my 36 years of existence, I've never been further than East London. To have this opportunity is fantastic!

COVID-19 really screwed up our 2020 plans (just like millions of people) so now we take our 2020 BACK!!


  • Werner Franz Ehrenberger
  • Fund Captain
  • Natal, ZA

Just A Family Tripping The South African Coast

Just A Family Tripping The South African Coast


  • Geraldine Williams
  • Donated on Jul 08, 2020
  • Ag chicken, hope you guys are having a kick ass time. Love ya xx


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  • Geraldine Williams
  • Donated on Jul 08, 2020
  • Ag chicken, hope you guys are having a kick ass time. Love ya xx



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