ECONquering 2 Cancers: A Fundraising to extend our Mama’s life

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ECONquering 2 Cancers: A Fundraising to extend our Mama’s life

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Our Mama Econ, is now diagnosed with 2 primary cancers - Ovarian Cancer and Endometrial Cancer. Indeed, it is tough to battle against one cancer, even more, to fight against two.

It was in 2018 that Mama Econ was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3C. She underwent immediate surgical intervention of removing her reproductive organs due to enlarged masses in her ovaries. After more than 2 weeks of hospital stay and 3 months of recovery, mama underwent her 1st cycle of chemotherapy with 6 sessions every 28 days in Philippine General Hospital - Cancer Institute (PGH Manila), with the chemo drug of Carboplatin and Paclitaxel.

The chemotherapy process brought a lot of rough adjustments from her diet, to hair loss, her activities, her sleep--everything. Fortunately, mama’s cancer cells went down although the side effects of the chemotherapy are admittedly a pain.

The 1st cycle of chemo was successful. There was no remaining evidence of the disease and we regained our quiet normal days, but the peace did not last long. After 8 months, her cancer metastasized and the battle once again began.

2019 up to 2020 was a time filled with dismay. It’s a roller coaster of emotions as the doctors found another tumor recurrence on Mama’s vaginal stump. Again, she needs to undergo another cycle of chemotherapy. This is her 2nd time now. Similar to her 1st cycle, she underwent 6 sessions with Carboplatin-Paclitaxel treatment.

This time is tougher. The trauma brought by her surgery and prior chemotherapies has not yet been healed. Our hopes for Mama to live normally again have been crushed. Still, we, most especially her, have no other choice but to toughen up for the nth time.

With the numerous blood tests, series of injections, monitoring, checkups, ct scans, and everything more that needs to be conducted, we find it so difficult to fight back. The cost and the stress brought by this battle are becoming beyond bearable and with the COVID-19 consequences, everything just feels too much.

Supposedly, her 2nd chemo should have ended with the 6th session, but Mama Econ’s cancer is persistent and frighteningly progressive. She had taken her 7th one, 8th, … up until the 12th but the drugs (Carboplatin-Paclitaxel) weren’t effective anymore...

Here comes 2021, with the pandemic still prevalent especially in our country. Every day has been painstakingly unbearable for her. As a cancer patient, she is known to be immunocompromised due to the virus. Yet again another shocking news came last February 2021.

Her punch biopsy (vaginal) results were out and it showed that Mama Econ also has endometrial cancer.

She is now battling 2 primary cancers: Ovarian Cancer Stage 2B and Endometrial Cancer Stage 1A. It explains why the previous chemo drugs weren't effective anymore. Therefore, new management is needed for our Mama’s condition. This time the drug costs are way above our financial capacity.

Mama Econ will again have her 3rd batch of chemotherapy with 6 sessions but this time with a new and higher chemo drug which is Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin (PLD) and she needs to start as soon as possible.

PLD is a very expensive drug. Its regular price is roughly around PHP 28,000 per vial. And, Mama Econ needs 4 vials per session. (PHP 28,000 x 4 = 112,000 per monthly session. In total for the whole 3rd batch = PHP 672,000)

Despite all the shocking news and the struggles and fears we are facing, we are so grateful to God for all the endless blessings as well. We always pray to Him to miraculously heal our Mama and to always strengthen us. We felt the presence of God always guiding and helping us. We thank Him for all the good persons who supported and will support us since the start of our cancer journey.

In these dire trying times, we humbly seek your help to aid us especially financially in continuing our Mama Econ’s treatment and extending her life.

Any amount will be deeply appreciated by our family. We cannot thank you enough for helping us and all we think of is how much we love Mama Econ so dearly and we are here to do any means we can for her.

Again, thank you so much and for helping us in this battle against cancer. We always seek everyone’s safety in this pandemic condition. Saint Peregrine, Patron Saint of Cancer patients - pray for us!

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raised of ₱504,000.00 goal
2% Funded
2 Donors

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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