Economically Sustainable Youth Education and Art Center

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Economically Sustainable Youth Art and Education Center - Brazil

Please, Help me to start a project that can be self economically sustainable to support youth education by renting out Meeting’s rooms and Restaurant in Itaipuaçu, Maricá RJ-Brazil.


For some years I have had the idea of support youth development, but was not sure how to do that. I was born with the idea that I was not supposed to go to University because I was poor. I was not expected to work because I was a girl and that the only thing I could do was prepare myself be a good wife.

I know how difficult it is to fight against these concepts that have deep roots in society. I know that even girls believe in that, as a way to soften the conflict between their dreams and family expectation.

I want to help the youth that have a dream, that want to do their part in the community and support their development by giving them possibility to do that through education, mentorship and creative cultural activities, I want cultivate the cutting edge of leadership in the struggle against criminalization of youth, violence against woman and empowering girls, while contributing to the movement for racial, economic, and gender justice.

More specifically I want:

For boys - giving them education, mentorship to show that there is another way out of criminality. I want that the new generation of boys understand that girls also have their voices and dreams.

For girls - finding leaders to stand up for their rights and to amplify their power.

I believe that girls’ and youth education and mentorship is one of the most important investments of our time.


Even though the numbers of youth in school has increased the last years, the quality of the education has gotten worse. Additionally, they don’t have much support to find their place in community and can’t see the way out of poverty. For many, the only way is to go to criminality. Many of these teenagers have also lost their parents due criminality.

I know that when a child or teenager loses a parent to criminality they are put on a path towards a statistically bleak future. They experience depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. The abuse of alcohol and drugs are also common. The Increased instability at home, with increased responsibility towards other siblings, and low educational attainment leads to life-long economic and social instability. I want to ensure that they can finish school, escape poverty, and overcome violence.


I believe in educating the teenagers by activities like music and the arts have a wonderful transformative power. Art has also a tremendous power to bring people together and therefore should be accessible to all classes. This is very important point for this project because we now how prone to segregation our society is.

The money that I raise with the Meeting Center and Restaurant will be used to support Art and Education, by providing creative workshops, music production courses and facilities for local talent development. I also want that they have the possibility to interact with other teenagers around the world and the tourist that comes to this region. For this goal I want to give them training in English language. By giving youth opportunity to develop their talents I want them to have the feeling of being part of this community.

There are in Brazil many organisations that go through difficult economic periods because they lay exclusively on donation of local companies. With your help we will be able to start a company that will support this local social project that if not a 100% will be at least partially economically sustainable.

By building a Restaurant and Meeting Center, we will be using the power of development that is happening now, at this tourist friendly place, by attracting tourists and business people that by using our local will support economically the local teenagers.


Due The value of royalties and special participations paid by oil companies to the Maricá municipality, lot of things is happening at this city right now. Government is planning urbanization, bringing asphalt, water, basic sanitation, enlargement and modernization of the local airport and the port, construction of an aquarium and a golf course. These development initiatives can bring lot of tourist to this place.

Even so we see many projects being developing, none one is a social project directly directed to teenagers. Historically, these events in Brazil leads to the building of the elite classes and increase chance for corruption. To the lower classes only remains the possibility to try to survive as they can and it is exactly this point where the other way around through criminality begins.

Since this place can be very attractive for tourist, I want to assure that we get a place that we can use to raise money to revert to local social activities, specially directed to youth and help them feel part of this developing community.

By supporting this campaign, you are actually making this work together with me.


We want to build a Company that support a local social project directed to youth.

Your support in this campaign will cover at this first phase, the buying of the Plot and cover budget connected to the Administrative tasks.

I have a small part of the money needed to buy the plot and I need to raise the remaining amount by end of Thursday.


I am Marilene Santos, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am graduated in Dentistry in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and have been working both in private, and military health care as Dentist in Brazil from 1996 until I decided to move to Europe in 2000. In 2002 I moved to Norway and begun working by the Public health sector, as Dentist where I was responsible for the Oral health of kids and youth in Skjold region. After 4 years I decided to start my own private office in Norway, where I worked until I got sick in 2013.

In 2013 I got a health issue in arms, which has prevented me to work as Dentist. Since I liked arts and had begun painting in free time I decided to take some drawing training in Sweden. By the end of 2014 I come back to Brazil from Norway and started studying Interior Design and Architecture and also begun doing some voluntary work by translation some study materials, form English to Portuguese and assisting some students for More Federation.

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