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Some example of pollution and summarize their consequences

Eutrophication is the name to the release of large amounts of phosphate and nitrate or organic matter into water resulting in a lowering of oxygen levels, causing a loss of biodiversity in aquatic habitats. Most waters whether freshwater or marine contain only low levels of nitrate and phosphate. If substantial amounts of these mineral enter water via sewage or fertilizer leaching off farm field, they allow large numbers of algae, cyanobacteria and bacteria to build up. These organisms can require so much oxygen that they lower the amount of free oxygen in the water to the point at which aerobic bacteria are unable to decompose organic matter in the water. Due to this, the species diversity decreases and the dominant biota change...

Green house effect

The natural gases in the atmosphere most responsible for keeping the surface of the earth relatively warm are CO2 and water vapor.They trap the heat that is reflected from the surface of the earth and re-radiate back to the earth, warming the atmosphere next to the earth surface. This causes the average temperature at the ground level to be at an average of approximately 15 centigrade compared to-18 centigrade if the atmosphere was not present. Humans can only survive on earth because of this greenhouse effect, caused by natural gasses. But each year, humans contribute adversely to the greenhouse effect by releasing huge amounts of CO2 and CH4,CFC,NO2, and other gases into the atmosphere. This has resulted in global warming.

Heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metal toxicity occur when elements such as mercury, zinc and selenium are present in super abundance. Although some of the heavy metals are needed by organisms in trace amounts when they are present in excess they cause enzymes to denature. Plants use variety of methods to reduce their susceptibility to metal toxicity. In some species uptake of the poisonous metals is greatly reduced. In other species the elements are taken into the plant but mainly remain in the roots. In some plants the reach other parts of the plant but then accumulate in the cell wall. Here the metal is bound as a stable complex with either a pectin-like or a proteinaceous substances. Plants have also been found which actively transport a large proportion of their absorbed zinc across the tonoplast into the cell vacuole. This prevent the zinc from interfering with the activity of cytoplasmic enzymes. The danger of heavy metals pollution for human health been known for some time.

Pesticide pollution

Pesticide are chemicals synthesized for the purpose of killing unwanted species. Pesticide may be divide into various categories such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides. While pesticides play a significant role in reducing the pests and vectors of diseases, improper applications to air, water soil cause pesticide pollution. Problems associated with pesticides are persistence and bioaccumulation. Persistence refers to how long a pesticide remains active in the environment. Some chemicals are broken down by decomposer in the soil and so are not persistent. Others can not be broken down by microbes and continue to act for many years and named as persistent. Bioaccumulation or bio-magnification to the build up of a chemical through a food chain. e.g. DDT is not soluble in water and is not excreted easily so it remains in the fat tissue of animals. As each consumer eats a large mass of the trophic level below it, DDT accumulates in the fat tissue of animals at the top of the food chain..

Anthropogenic environmental factors

In addition to the natural environmental factors, in the world today, there are human influenced environmental changes. Similar to the natural environmental factors, they influence the distribution and abundance of living organisms. These include mainly degradation of land, deforestation and pollution. However, it is in pollution that we see pollutants directly influencing the survival of organisms. Pollution occurs when substances are released into the environmental in harmful amount as a direct result of human activity. Most pollution is due to the presence of excessively high concentration of substances or a toxic substance not found generally in the environment.

Pollution can be classified into the three types

  • Those substances that occur in nature but as a result of human activity are found in unusually large concentration e.g. excess CO2 in the atmosphere, increased concentration of phosphate and nitrates in freshwater aquatic system etc.

  • Toxic substances that are not found ii nature. e.g. pesticides. Such unnatural substances often remain intact in the environment for considerable lengths of time before being broken down or are dispersed.

  • Substances which are not themselves toxic released into the environment as a result of human activity but will go on to have unfortunate consequences. e.g. effect of certain substances like CFC on the ozone layer.


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Update posted by chanduweerasinghe On Dec 02, 2013

The Green City Project

The EARTH ENVIRONMENT PROTECT ORGANIZATION is created The Green City Project for control the atmospheric carbondioxcyde (CO2) percentage.


Green Charcoal Project

The EARTH ENVIRONMENT PROTECT ORGANIZATION involve to green charcoal project to Preventing in-house pollution, the charcoal can be used either as renewable household energy.


Air and Solar Power Engine project

The Earth Environment Protect Organization Try to Create the Air and solar power Engine. This Engine is help to control the environmental pollution. Mainly it will help to protect atmospheric of earth.


Human Network Around the world/Internet Environmental Club.

The Earth Environment Protect Organization work as LINK KEY with all of person, organization and world while government to reminding and shear ideas among all of humans.





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