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DREAMS OF THE OLD is a short student film about family and the relationship between two grandsons and their grandfather. A heartwarming film that will leave you with an appreciative heart for your grandparents and their endless stories that you never seem to take interest in when you were a child. Best of all, this film is based on real life story of the director's grandfather.


An 80 year old man receives his daughter’s family from overseas for a visit. On the night before their flight home and he drunkenly summons the courage to unveil a machine he’s been working on his entire life that will break his grandson’s heart.

The real grandfather with his machinery and tools surrounding him

BASED ON A TRUE STORY : over the summer holiday, Eugene, our director, and his family went back to Korea to visit their grandparents. On the last night of their short visit there, their grandfather invited him and his older brother to have a drink. This gesture was of surprise for the Lee brothers. Since they were kids, the language barrier never really gave them an opportunity to foster close relationship, let along drink together. From an age where they played around to now when they could have drinks with their grandfather, this transition and unfamiliar situation was new to them.

A couple shots of soju in, his grandfather began describing about this machine that he has spent years of his life building. Despite the language barrier, this conversation was not one way. The brothers weep and bow their heads in equal parts sorrow and admiration for what they have experienced is rare and precious beyond measure; the dreams of an old man.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR "Film is love, film is life." These are words that Eugene Lim live by. Eugene is an undergrad studying in Arts Design Media in NTU whose "one true love is film." He is a filmmaker who takes inspiration from real life and tells heartfelt, genuine stories.

Kindly find his past films here : https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/limm0074/author/ujin/

OUR TEAM We have our Director Eugene, Producer Leyee, 1st Assistant Director Adam, Director of Photography Nicholas, Sound woman Wen Jing, editor Xin Yun and our Production designer Linnet!

HOW YOUR DONATION WILL HELP US : Unknown to most common people, IMDA has rules that there are no reimbursement for transport and food claims. Meaning to say that regardless the size or the popularity of the production, our film industry cannot claim back money spent on transport and foo

Transport is a necessity. We have to transport huge bulky camera and lighting equipments. For this production, we will have to rent lorries or a big van to transport our equipments and ourselves (the crew). All the money donated will be used to fund our transportation fees. Any excess of it, should there be, will be used wisely to fund our food expenses. We deeply appreciate every dollar that you donate to us.


Instagram page instagram.com/dreamsoftheold


Casting calls! We have kickstarted auditions since 9th September and talented actors and actresses all over the island have been rolling into our audition rooms!


This is our location request form we used when we went around Singapore in search for a Penang looking house. It's definitely a challenge to find such a traditional house in a modern city. Nonetheless, we managed discover quite a few rare gems that still exists in the hidden corners of old neighbourhoods.

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about this production, kindly contact our producer Leyee @ +65 8686 8796 or [email protected] :)

Our film will be out by the end of November. Stay tuned!


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  • All the best in making the “Dream of the Old”!

  • Miang Choo Nicole Tan
  • Donated on Oct 23, 2019
  • EunYea Lee
  • Donated on Oct 23, 2019
  • I trust you all make a great film about one great old man .

  • Poh Choo
  • Donated on Oct 23, 2019
  • All the best and do well in your short film.

  • Zo
  • Donated on Oct 22, 2019
  • A little always goes a long way :)

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