Dreams falling apart

Update posted by Orests Jurkstis On Jul 24, 2016

Hello, my name is Orest Jurkstis, im from Latvia currently living in Birmingham/UK and my story starts October 2015. I will try to keep this simple. My passion is bodybuilding/fitness, everything started about 4 years ago when i was just 14 years old. Last year October (i was 17 years old) i got a message from some guy who shortly asked me for help because he have seen all my progress overtime and saw how passionate I'm about this sport, every single post, picture, quote i wrote or shared was about fitness, believing yourself and never giving up. So basically he said that i have motivated him and i felt really pleasant hearing that, it was pretty nice feeling when someone says that i have made some good impact on someone. We spoke for a little while and somehow all this turned into something quite serious, he asked me if i could help him out and he would pay me if i come and train him for a couple of months, but as he lives in Uk and i live in Latvia i told him its not that easy , that i have a job and I'm in high school and i will lose all this if i come. All trough this i decided to go, and the reason was that i always wanted to move to Uk and knew i will have lot more opportunities in life here than i had back home. So i messaged this guy and said, i don't need him to pay me anything, but if he help me to get a job and place to live in i will come and train him, and he said Yes... I was only 17, and when i told this to my parents they obviously didn't understand this and were worried that this is some kind of way to kidnap me or something, and that would make sense of course. But i was so crazy and so ready for anything to actually reach my Dreams and make them come true... So i got on the plane, it was 8th of November 2015, little more than a month till my 18th birthday . That's where all this started.
I think it was like 3rd day and something happened, i woke up in the morning and he got arrested by police , i was shocked and didn't know whats going on. I was just waiting for him to come back, didn't know when but i had no choice as i had nowhere else to go.. When he came back he didn't really explain what was this about except just saying everything is okay. I knew there's something more obviously. It was pretty quiet for first two weeks, i was going to gym near me but for some weird reason he didn't train with me, i didn't know why as the only reason i was there was so i could train him. Then suddenly i found out he was gay, i was okay with that as i don't discriminate that sort of thing, but that wasn't the only thing he didn't mention before, turns out this guy was pretty much drug addict... That was the thing i was bothered about , he was doing drugs almost every day since then, i was shocked! Couple of times i almost got physically harmed when all the guys he was using drugs with became violent but i tried to avoid any conflicts . Somehow a month went past and i was so depressed about everything that was happening around me, i tried to get him into gym so he stops drugs but he wasn't interested, turned out that he kinda wanted to "train" get into "shape" and be "healthier" until he actually had to start... That wasn't the only promise he broke, as he cared more about drugs than me being there without job and money, i had nothing. Like it wasn't bad enough already, there was even time when i almost got stabbed by some guy he knew. Imagine, that time almost took me away from my family and the only reason for me being there was so someday i could help them to have better life and give them the best i possibly could. I was so depressed , i was literally crying and praying for God every single day, i couldn't sleep ,eat or anything else, i couldn't find a job and basically couldn't get away from that place. But then I found out one of my old school mates lives somewhere near me and we came to and idea to rent house together, it was the best chance for me to get away from the guy i lived till then. First, i found a job, saved some money and we found place to live in. By the time i moved in i lost my job , and as i found new one same thing kept happening. I don't know why, but every job i found working for agency's was temporary and i just could pay the bills, my mum helped me couple of times but till this day i still cant find any permanent jobs and I'm pretty much desperate at this point. Plus the stress and lack of sleep i had before is playing back now and i have problems with health, it will take some time but i will be okay, so that's not the reason I'm looking for help here, I'm actually here because as i said i have so big dreams to accomplish and i want to help others when i will have a chance. But now as i hardly pay my bills i just cant train anymore, this sport takes quite lot of money for food , supplements , gym memberships and that's where i will use money for. Oh, i almost forgot to mention I've started Pti course, which is Personal trainer course so when i finish it i can do what i love and help people to get better in life and reach their goals they have set and this course is pretty expensive as well ... Since i cant train i have lost like 20kg and finally can fit in my old clothes from the time i was skinny heh. This is depressing as well, as i worked so hard to get these results. I know there is so many people in lot worse situations in life than i do, but at least give me a chance so one day i will be able to help someone just like you helped me.
Thank you for your time reading this and trying to help people who isn't in their best points in their life. This is the first time and hope last one i ever write this type of story to ask for help and i know my situations is not even close as bad as a lot of peoples are, but i wouldn't be here if i really didn't need help.
Don't hesitate to contact me if any questions or just want to talk - [email protected] and on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/orests.jurkstis

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