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Our planet is dying and we are dying with it. In a report published in 2016 from the WWF organization to save the planet and stop the depletion of its life-sustaining resources, they concluded that the Earth is critically ill due to human greed and exploitation of the people who live on it, and she is now on life support. If something doesn't happen soon to shock the system back to real life, the plug may be pulled and humans may face extinction. This is what the WWF Report concluded:

"The dominant worldview of infinite natural resources, of externalities and exponential growth, is at an end. We are no longer a small world on a big planet. We are now a big world on a small planet, where we have reached a saturation point. Unsustainability at all scales, from localized deforestation to air pollution from cars, hits the planetary ceiling, putting our future at risk. Fifty years of exponential growth has accumulated to such an extent that we have reached Planetary Boundaries – and crashed through them.

This WWF Living Planet Report comes at a critical juncture following the remarkable successes in 2015 of the Paris Agreement on climate change and the agreement on the Sustainable Development Goals for people and planet. The 2016 report is an essential assessment of the state of the planet and it is a shock to read. It synthesizes the mountain of evidence showing the Earth system is under increasing threat: climate, biodiversity, ocean health, deforestation, the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle,

the carbon cycle. Another way to look at the relationships between our behaviour and the Earth’s carrying capacity is through Ecological Footprint calculations. The Ecological Footprint represents the human demand on the planet’s ability to provide renewable resources and ecological services. Humanity currently needs the regenerative capacity of 1.6 Earths to provide the goods and services we use each year. Furthermore, the per capita Ecological Footprint of high-income nations dwarfs that of low- and middle-income countries (Global Footprint Network, 2016). Consumption patterns in high-income countries result in disproportional demands on Earth’s renewable resources, often at the expense of people and nature elsewhere in the world.

If current trends continue, unsustainable consumption and production patterns will likely expand along with human population and economic growth. The growth of the Ecological Footprint, the violation of Planetary Boundaries and increasing pressure on biodiversity are rooted in systemic failures inherent to the current systems of production, consumption, finance and governance. The behaviours that lead to these patterns are largely determined by the way consumerist societies are organized, and fixed in place through the underlying rules and structures such as values, social norms, laws and policies that govern everyday choices (e.g. Steinberg, 2015)." (Excerpts from "OUR LIVING PLANET REPORT FOR 2016")

This report and others from scientists and conservationists all over the globe sounds the alarm that if we don't do something to turn this destructive trend around, there will be no life left on the planet to save. Disease and famine will follow the destruction of resources and animal life. Man may be at the top of the food pyramid but when the base is gone there will nothing to sustain his life. We need to WAKE UP! Dr. Khelama

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Update posted by Evelyn Khelama On Nov 19, 2016

Dr. Evelyn Fields-Khelama, (Th.D, H.S., D.S., B.S.,)

A condensed three-volume study based on nearly eight years of exhaustive research, Dr. Khelama takes you on a journey into a mysterious world of incredible skill and organization, where powerful pathogens, residing in human cells, have for centuries influenced the fate of humanity.


"I am Graphite...Black Diamond. Even though I am sensitive to laser ray effects, which can explode my structure, giving rise to fragments of myself, through melanin-carbon-fullerenic power I can reform myself from my parts and come together again. Translation: You can blow my life apart, but I will survive. I will reform. I will LIVE. I am made of the stuff of stars. I am....A black diamond." Dr. Evelyn Khelama...."Sisters Rising Series".

Evelyn Khelama

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Update posted by Evelyn Khelama On Oct 30, 2016

There are regions of the earth where there are tremendous energy deficits. These deficits are compensated for by extraction of energy and energy processes from either ground zero, the place where the deficit occurred, or from other correlating or interconnected regions and/or associated vectors connected to what nature reads as “energy theft or nefarious interruption” of life progression. The “vectors” or systems of delivery or extraction can be polymorphic in structure or nature, and varied in function, but nature makes no distinction between method of delivery or extraction, she responds to the assault and its effect. Vessels can be mechanical: sea vessels, air or land craft, etc., or any number of man-made vessels or vehicles. They can be biological, as in individuals moving energy illicitly by physical extraction, by blood or genetic transfer, or by interruption of normal or natural energy function, as in death and destruction of life and its support systems. Wherever there is energy loss and life flow interruption, nature investigates and compensates for the unnatural interruption or disruption by either alternate energy compensation, rerouting or removing or deactivating the source of energy waste, dysfunction or stagnation. These laws are immutable and inalienable. The same principles apply to the human body which is an extension of the earth from which we all came and on which we depend for life. Energy deficits or loss in the body or any of its Creator-installed programs for life, will result in disease and death. Disease is either the theft of energy, glut of energy or misappropriation of energy to cells, organs and tissues either by endogenous (which have become genetic) invasive disruptive sources like viruses and other pathogenic agents, or by invading exogenous sources as viruses, environmental pollutants or chemicals and drugs. The sources may vary, but they all lead to imbalances of, deficiencies of or mal-distribution of energy in the body. Identifying the source of the disruption and correcting the imbalance is the key to health. Dr. Khelama

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