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I am Harun, a Turkish student studying in the major of English Translation and Interpreting. I have always dreamed travelling and studying in the Europe which will make a great improvement for my CV in the future of course. Or, i would like to do Work and Travel in USA and see some beautiful places!!

When i first dreamed about this, our currency (TRY) still had power against the USD, EUR and the GBP. At the moment, our curreny has really lost its value against these currencies which makes my plans one of the hardest thing in the world. Let me give you an example. 1 TRY equals around 8 EUR now. Yeah you read it right. The money i had saved until starting of my university life just equals like 500 EUR. I can apply all of those internship in next year, Autumn 2021, or work and travel in the summer of 2022 (I would like to see Burning Man event as well in Nevada)

I wish I had good financial means but I don't. I am doing my best to improve it, hopefully it's gonna be happen when i have my dream job.

I will;

1. Do the internship in Republic of Turkey, Turkish Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia

2. In one of the parts of European Comission as a translation and interpreting student

3. or in another countries according to the journey of my life, but certainly in Europe.

4. Join the Work and Travel program in the USA which requires at least $3000 Dollars even from Turkey.

all which will give me lots of experince in the field and about of course life!.

Last year i just won the Erasmus+ internship but i couldn't go to UK because of the pandemic, if there was no pandemic i couldn't go anyway because of my financial means.

And yes, my fund might be seem less or much for you but all the money will be gone for accommondation and such other daily required stuff for the time that i am planning to spend in Europe while i am doing my internship like a few months, or being in the USA, working and gaining experience. My family's financial means is not really well, so my family isn't really there to help me with it but they really would love to see me doing internship in Europe. They would be proud of me, actually myself, too. I have tried lots of scholarships in Turkey but they give these only to people in specific standarts such as people studying in engineering and like that. I am a translator... Every help and donation will be appreciated a lot.

I can provide papers if you see these necessary.


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