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Update posted by L Larssonova On May 22, 2016

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Update posted by L Larssonova On May 11, 2016

Well, time definitely heals all wounds! :D

Our little prince couldn't be doing better! He had an amazing birthday last week. He got a few small toys, which he absolutely deserved and now that he's 100% again, it's play time! :) He also got spoiled with a tuna dinner, which he was nice enough to share with his two sisters, Tarheel and Lentil. Oh, and who didn't think he was the most handsome boy EVER in his cute, blue bow tie?!

In terms of his recovery: The wound is nearly completely healed and stitches long dissolved. The fur on his tummy (where they operated) and on both of his arms (from IVs and blood work) has started to grow back, albeit very slowly, but we don't mind (his bald spots suit him!). For the most part we've kept him on his specialized food, but we have started to gradually mix a bit with his regular food. He's energetic, talkative, SUPER cuddly - he's Dono! :)

Other than that, Malmö has seen some of the most beautiful days weather-wise the past week so we've been spending a whole lot of time outside and under the sun!

We've happily welcomed a couple of new donations the past few days, THANK YOU! Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps tremendously!

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Update posted by L Larssonova On May 06, 2016

Today is Dono's birthday - He is 6 years old!!! :D





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Update posted by L Larssonova On Apr 29, 2016

The Donsies has been home a week!!!

Little sister Lentil gives Dono lots of love and cuddles

We've officially finished all the prescribed medication, now it's on to probiotics. We noticed Dono's mood has been a bit off since Wednesday, but we figured it was due to him having finished the first of his prescriptions on Tuesday. He's still not 100% so we decided to call our vet to have a quick "just in case" chat. The vet confirmed that it was likely due to the medication (or lack thereof, really), as we had thought, which was definitely a relief.

Despite him being a little low, Dono is doing well overall - eating, drinking, pooping... The usual! :) So we're just keeping a bit of an extra watchful eye on him and hoping he feels better soon.

Dono and Family wish you all a happy, happy Friday! :D

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Update posted by L Larssonova On Apr 26, 2016

Every day our little prince gets stronger! :D

We're about halfway through Dono's medications and he seems to be slowly (but surely!) regaining his energy - it really feels like our happy boy is back!


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Update posted by L Larssonova On Apr 24, 2016

Dono has been home two days now and he's doing SO well! He wasn't eating too well on his own while at the animal hospital so we were a little worried about whether or not he would eat properly at home; but he's been great, eating all his specialized diet food and various medicines! The incision on his tummy is also healing beautifully. We couldn't be happier!

Cozying up with Daddy on the sofa yesterday :)

Thank you all for your support and a special thanks to all who have donated, we are forever grateful!

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Good luck and no more nuts ;) only us ;)

Vera and David Camping budddies

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Get well soon, Dono!

Milan Burke

Backed with kr100.00 On May 10, 2016


Happy Birthday, Dono !

Eva a Jan Aunt and Uncle

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Poor Dono, hope he feels better soon!

Natasha Travnicek

Backed with kr400.00 On Apr 25, 2016


We hope for fast recovery of your nice cat.

Eva Bogrenova

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Anita Svobodová

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Love you!!!

Hana Larssonova

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