Dirt N Nails Farms 2018 Fundraiser

We, at Dirt ā€˜Nā€™ Nails Farms, have kept a vision before us to feed the hungry, teach self-sufficiency, and recover homeless families,one farm and one city at a time. Towards this goal, we have kept up with community gardens, taking in seed donations from King Soopers every year and rototilling spaces for anyone requesting help; have started campaigns of knitting and crocheting along with collecting donations for people to use; and even tried building a couple of cheap greenhouses. Our original campaign started in January 2017 with the aim of getting a farm before the end of the year, however land prices around Denver and beyond have skyrocketed since, putting a farm completely out of our reach for now without getting the land donated, even at the original goal of $1 million. Instead, we have lowered our goal to $12,500, half of a used pickup, in hopes of replacing our aging pickup and increasing cargo, basing the price on three used pickups at Boulder Toyota with crew cabs, one of which was a diesel. This way, we can continue our efforts with community gardens with more volunteers and help transport food to places in need as well as tow trailers as needed. At this point, all other goals are cancelled due to a seeming lack of interest. Remember that none of us are taking a salary of any kind from this effort until the first farm is open. This is a solemn vow taken by Monte when DNN first started, … Continue reading Dirt N Nails Farms 2018 Fundraiser