Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms’ Farm-Raising Fundraiser

We, at Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms, have kept a vision before us to feed the hungry, teach self-sufficiency, and recover homeless families,one farm and one city at a time. Towards this goal, we have kept up with community gardens, taking in seed donations from King Soopers every year and rototilling spaces for anyone requesting help; have started campaigns of knitting and crocheting along with collecting donations for people to use; and even tried building a couple of cheap greenhouses. But to go after the final part of the goal, recovering homeless families, we need space. We need a running farm. As we approach 10 years since this first started, it is time to reach that goal. There are two possibilities: First is to get the farm land needed, between 100 to 200 acres, and build upon it enough living space The second is to get a hobby size farm, between 5 to 15 acres, with already established buildings and use it to prove the concepts of self-sustainability as well as to act as emergency shelter during the Winter months until we can find and build the 100 to 200 acre model with either more funding here, from grants, or both. Please feel free to write to Monte at mpescador@dirtnnails.org if you have any questions. Keep him accountable to this goal. Pray over your part in reaching this goal. Let us never lose hope, never lose faith, as we continue onward.