Update posted by ajs999 On Jun 08, 2013

I happy to finally report that Fungai had her operation on Thursday. I saw her yesterday and she was dozey and in some pain - but at the same very happy and grateful.

All the signs are that the operation was a success but of course she will need to be monitored. She has to wear a, no doubt, uncomfortable contraption for the first two weeks and lots of internal healing needs to take place.

But its gratifying for the first operation to finally take place. It wasn't as straight forward as I'd thought it would be after paying for it. We still felt very much a part of the public-health sytem, which of course we were. A fully private op wold have cost 4-5 times more. Thanks to Prof Chipato for doing the op and to Prof. Munjanja for his help in making it happen and for his sympathetic advice.

And THANKS AGAIN to all you donors.

PS: About Blessing - we are having some frustrating delays with waits for extra appointments and stuff that is quite typical of the system, but still painful for her to experience as she is still leaking and every trip is a trauma for her.

Hopefully, I will have some good news to report on her soon.

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Update posted by ajs999 On May 27, 2013

Dear All,

Well we're over the 1600 - -fantastic news. The reason its not showing is that we just raised $483 here in Harare at a Scrabble Night! Thirty-five Harareans got together to play scrabble and eat soup and bread at Queen of Hearts and also gave generously. Thanks to everyone.

So we're now up to $1912 and can easily pay for three operations - Fungai's, Blessings and Spiwe's (although another young woman called Violet might go before for practical reasons).

Things don't happen quickly in the Zim health system, even when there are funds available (at least they happen with funds though - no funds=no chance) and Fungai will hopefully finally be operated on this week.

Blessing has an initial consulatation later today and we're hoping an excellent Doctor called Steve Munjanja will be able to operate on her. Fingers crossed.

As for the outeach - -I will keep the page open until we have crossed the 1600 threshold online - it will look nicer -- and then I will close it. It's an excellent vehicle for short term target-oreinted outreaches and it wouldn't make sense to keep extending it.

However, our efforts to raise money for fistula operations will definitely continue. The success of this outeach has shown us that people, once they know the horror of living with fistulas, really want to help and there are plenty her who need the assistance.


Thanks again to all donors.

please stay in touch through [email protected] and whinfield.org 






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Update posted by ajs999 On May 14, 2013

After some communication issues, Blessing is finally on her way to Harare to get prepped for her op. She will first need to be examined and to get a new quote (it won't hopefully be much more than the 600usd previously estimated). We can then pay and book it.

As reported last time, Fungai's op was postponed for two weeks and we're hoping to nail down a date for Blessing's.

Ad we've extended the outreach to pay for a third op (that of Spiwe), and all donations so far have come from overseas, we wanted to do something in Harare. When thinking of a theme for a fund-raising evening, I could think of nothing else other than a Game of Thrones fancy dress or a scrabble tournament - I opted for the scrabble nite. I know there's quite a few closet scrabble geeks in Harare so i'm hoping this will bring them out and give us an opportunity to raise public awareness about fistulas as well as raise money for Spiwe's op.

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Update posted by ajs999 On May 09, 2013

Sadly and annoyingly, Fungai's operation has been postponed for two weeks. Whats annoying is that when I paid last week and was given the time, they would have known it couldn't happen as the surgeon left town for three weeks, yet they ony told us after Fungai had travelled the 200km from her village and arrived at the hospital. Sr Rudo informs me this common, indeed expected, behaviour. Fungai was of course greatly disappointed but hardly surprised.

We will have to wait two weeks then. Fungai will returnto her village and ma and Sr Rudo are going to visit the surgeon in person to try and make sure it doesn't happen again.


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Update posted by ajs999 On May 06, 2013

We've decided due to people's astounding generosity and the promise of more donations to come to extend the outreach to try and pay for another young woman's VVF repair operation. The young woman in question is called Spiwe, 21 years old, and  suffering from a VVf for the last 2 years since losing her first child after a protracted labour in a rural area.

She is urine-incontinent and the operation, which will cost in the region of 500USD to repair the VVF and probably have a urostomy fitted. Though living with a urostomy will take some getting used to, it will at least enable her to live something approaching a normal life. She can go out without the fear of leakage (she can't afford adult nappies and uses rags) and can start to drink the normal amounts of fluid a healthy person needs (prolonged dehydration and consequent health problems are common in VVF women). She can also experience a sex life again.  


Please help by donating through paypal on the frontpage and continue to send the link to friends.

Thanks again to those who paid for Fungai's operation (which will take place on May 9th)  and Blessings too (6/5/13 - still 100 USD to got but we're preparing for it). I hope you'll understand that we saw an opportunity to try and pay for a third life-changing operation and rather than start a new fund (with a new homepage and slightly different web address), it was easier to extend the parameters of this fund.


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Update posted by ajs999 On May 03, 2013

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of paying the deposit for Fingai's operation - which is in effect the large majority of all fees we will need to pay for her op. She will have the operation on Thursday the 9th May, next week.

We are now confident in reaching the amount needed for Blessing very soon so we are arranging for her to come to Harare in preparation for her op.


Thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible.


Whats more - -because the fund has received several promises of support and we feel we have some momentum; we will shortly extend our target to pay for a third young woman's operation, the young woman, about whom I will shortly post more details is also suffering with a VVF. People's generosity has been astounding and we will continue for as long as possible to channel this generosity directly to pay for these life changing operations.



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Update posted by ajs999 On Apr 27, 2013

Thanks to the terrific boost the fund got yesterday (up to 395 USD) we will try and book Fungai in for her op next week. We’re a little short but I’m sure we’ll make it soon. So thanks so much to all who’ve contributed.

But we can’t let up because we then need to raise the 600 USD for Blessing’s op. As I mentioned in the notes on the front page, the reason Fungai is going first is just circumstance, not priority: she’s in Harare and prepped and ready to go while Blessing is still in her village.

So if this reaches those who’ve made contributions – Thanks a lot – You’ve made life-changing surgery a (imminent) reality for Fungai. 

For Blessing, please keep sending the link to anyone else you think might be able to help.

Regards from Harare,

Andrew Strang.

Another update next week

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[email protected]

Backed with $50.00 On Jun 15, 2013


Excellent work

julie robards T W's

Backed with $50.00 On Jun 15, 2013


Good luck with raising as much as possible for this incredibly worthy cause. Thank you for bringing it to people's attention. This is vital work. I wish these women all the best with their surgery. Please keep us updated as to their progress.

Catherine Grainger

Backed with $75.00 On May 27, 2013


New Update posted - click on update tab. 27/5/13


Posted On May 27, 2013


Thanks Everyone! - Very close now.


Posted On May 20, 2013


This is money given by Lindy, Lynn, Carol, Daphne and Mary from Tunbridge Wells.

Tunbridge Wells Ladies

Backed with $250.00 On May 20, 2013


Nearly there - good luck!

lucy mcd

Backed with $25.00 On May 20, 2013


New Update posted - -see tab on frontpage -- May14th


Posted On May 14, 2013



Backed with $100.00 On May 11, 2013



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