Developer-Owned Austin City Council Arrests 12!

Austin City Council has once again shown its total illegitimacy, and arrested 12 brave community members who disrupted their bourgeois order to protest the Domain on Riverside. They want to make an example of people who call out this sham process for what it is. In the morning, 5 community members interrupted the start of the meeting with a statement. They were escorted out and promptly arrested. Later that evening, the pigs targeted 7 more who were OUTSIDE city hall. King Pig Mayor Adler and the council have allowed for open season on the anti-gentrification movement, because they are afraid of the masses who reject their sham process. In total, 4 tenants of the affected complexes were arrested. While the mayors and council members get donations in the thousands of dollars in order to repress the community, we need our community to help support these brave comrades for the legal battle ahead. And even if you can’t donate, spread the word about the total repression carried out by Austin City Council and the APD pigs.